June 19, 2013

"Oh my stars" {She's Married!}

I may or may not have mentioned her before...Josi. My beautiful, intelligent, caring, and Jesus lover big sister! Now she's not really my big sister biologically, but that's what I've called her. She used to babysit me and my siblings, but then I became old enough to watch them. She always visited and loved on us whenever she could. :) AND SHE GOT MARRIED ON JUNE 15TH!!!!!!

She married the sweetest guy ever. Her best friend. Their love for each other and our astounding Lord is seen right when you look at them. Their wedding was b-e-a-u-tiful! It was completely focused on how God created marriage and keeping your relationship focused Him is how it stays strong.

Their were 2 scripture verses read by a bridesmaid and groomsman. The bride & groom, wedding party, and guests sang 2 worship songs together and then it was time for the message, vows, and first kiss as a married couple.

Their nephew "introduced" Josi before she walked down the aisle. [Her big brother gave her away because her dad hasn't been in her life for a while. It was the sweetest thing! I could tell he was honored to give his baby sister away to her man. :) ]

If you know Josi, you would know that instead of saying "oh my goodness/gosh" she says "oh my stars". The night before the wedding, my mom got to talk to her on the phone and she said she wasn't even a little bit nervous or scared. :) When she walked down the aisle and she was close to me, I heard her say "oh my stars". She said it really lightly and I could tell she was just overwhelmed with how many people were there on her big day. It was one of my highlights from that day.

They were soooo happy! I didn't see a smile come off their faces all night long.

This was a cute little sign they had made.

This was the best picture I could get...The barn looked amazing! The decorations were so cute (and handmade) and the tables were set up perfectly. It totally mirrored their simple but great taste.

Cutting the cake! There was burlap, lace, candles, and flowers everywhere. Their cake was small and had a simple little burlap flower on it. :)

Everyone together! (My littlest sister was the only one missing, because the event would have been too overwhelming for her. Don't worry, she was in great care.) Josi looked so beautiful & her and Dan are so happy together. 
Their wedding was just so beautiful I can't even get over it. :)

Love you both so much! Happy ever after!


S.W. said...

So beautiful! :) I love the decorations!

Brooklyn said...

I lovelovelove the barn.:) Her smile--I love it! It just radiates bliss straight from her heart.:) It looks like a fun day! & you look beautiful. As always.