May 9, 2014

~PROM 2014~

Last Saturday on May 3rd, 2014 - me, my sister, and one of our best friends (Katelynn) plus our dates...went to PROM!

It was so much fun! For Katelynn and I it was our Junior prom and for my sister Erin it was her Sophomore prom.

The day before we got our nails done, the morning of prom we got our hair done and then did our own makeup, and then the guys came to our house to pick us up. We took soooo many pictures, and it did get kind of tiring but we do want to remember somethings from high school. :)

The guys picked us up at about 1:45pm and then we took pictures at our house, then went to a baseball field near school, next we went to a park that was also near a pond and a bridge, and then it was off to school for grand march at 4:00pm. (Yes we took that many pictures)

At school we had some professional pictures taken before grand march, then waited for all the couples to get announced, and then our group of 6 headed to the river boat for the night :) We had dinner and danced all night long...well at least until 11:00pm. After prom and having the guys drive us back home, we didn't get to bed until 2:00am. Many memories were made and we can't wait for next year to be even better!