January 31, 2014

My Volleyball Girls

So you usually see us in our jerseys, sweat dripping down our faces, and us diving across a volleyball court...But every once in a while we like to look a little prettier. At Snowdaze this year, the volleyball girls decided to take a picture together and well...I just love these girls!


January 26, 2014

Snowdaze 2014

Snowdaze came and gone again this year...sadly it was all too fast and me and all my friends wish we could just rewind to Saturday night! 2014 has been my favorite Snowdaze dance so far! We always have a blast and make memories that I will never forget. :)

Everyone from The Posse made it and we danced and sang and made each other laugh all night long! So much fun! Believe it or not, we didn't try to match or coordinate any of the colors. Everyone met at school and we realized that we were all wearing mostly black, blue, and some sparkles :)

So glad I have these friends in my life...we always have the best time together! Until next year...


January 20, 2014



January 18, 2014

The New Year

2014 has brought a whole different adventure of busy and crazy into my life. I don't think there's a day that goes by that I don't have something to do...even if I say I'm bored there's probably something that I could do to keep me busy. Obviously blogging has not been one of those things that I've chosen to do ;)

Some current things in my life right now --

Our school's Snowdaze dance is exactly one week away...

I'm managing the boy's basketball team at this year...

Waiting for my best friend to finish reading Divergent so I can borrow it from her...

Planning a trip with my youth group in July...

My family needs to move by the end of May...

There is constantly something new that pops up in my life and sometimes it's stressful and hard and sometimes it's good and exciting. One thing I can always count on is prayer and knowing that our Saviour with get me through anything and that His plan is always better than mine. :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their January so far. I'll be back soon!


January 3, 2014

Old Goals & New Goals

This past year I started something new. I made 13 goals for 2013. I decided to write them down and keep them here for all of you to see. I felt like that would give me more motivation and keep me more accountable to things I wanted to achieve. And even though I didn't complete them all, I am quite happy with what I accomplished in 2013. 

I am proud and excited that so much could happen in just one year. So here are the finished goals from my year.

1. Bedroom Makeover ✓ (pics coming soon)
2. Save enough money for a DSLR camera 
3. Get a car 
4. Finish my sophomore year on the A or B honor roll 
5. Get a Summer job 
6. Complete 3 DIY projects off of Pinterest
7. Let my blog reach 50 followers 
8. Learn how to crochet or knit
9. Go on a road trip
10. Complete 5 random acts of kindness

11. Complete my devotional book
12. Don't spend excess money for an entire month 
13. Stop the bad habit of biting my nails (in progress)

Since this seemed to be such a success for me. I decided to make 14 goals for 2014 as well. There are probably 3 or 4 of the same from 2013 because I really want to complete all the goals I made. :) 

Thanks for following along!

January 1, 2014


This is a post mostly for myself. Something that I need to write down so I can come back and remember. If you want to, go ahead and read along but I warn you - it might get a little long and be a tad boring. :)

Looking back on this year, it has been a year of growth and struggle. Good struggle & bad struggle. A full year of fitting pieces of a puzzle back together, erasing scars of my heart, and opening new doors. I look back and realize that I fit a lot into this past year and it brings nothing but joy. I had a lot of stressful moments but I had support and comfort after the storm. And that just brings joy that overpowers all the hard times. For that I'm thankful.

But something else I've noticed is that I have not grown in my faith with God. And that's something I've really struggled with in the past 2 years. You can go read this post and that gives you a little smidgeon of info. We lost our youth pastor around that time and it's been hard ever since. (We do have a new youth pastor now and he is super awesome! Just losing the one before him was pretty rough for a while) Someone really special to me asked me the other day "How is your walk with God?" and all I felt was disappointment. In myself. In my church. In my heart.

My faith has been tested a lot over the past 2 years and I've realized that I rarely turned to God when I needed something or was hurting. I turned to my friends or raged at my parents or cried alone in my room or complained to God. I never prayed to Him or thanked Him or cried out to Him. And I'm SO THANKFUL to everyone in my life who has and will always be there for me in hard times. Whether it's girls from my team, my parents, my best friends, or my grandparents. But most of all I'm so thankful to have a God that is so forgiving, so loyal, and so selfless. If it wasn't for Him not giving up on me or letting me give up on myself then I'd be in a lower spot in my faith than I am right now.

I'm the girl that tries to always have a smile on her face, who hates letting people down, and has a positive outlook on life. My life is beautiful. And there are times when I think "my life couldn't get any better" and times when I think "my life couldn't get any worse". But whether it's good, bad, or beautiful - it's not perfect and I'm not perfect.

So reflecting back on this year it's been an adventure. A crazy one. In 2014, I want it to be even crazier. I want to be crazy for God and for the life and future He has for me. Not the plans I have for myself but the plans that HE has for me. I want to strive to learn about Him and to seek Him in all that I do.

"But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me." 2 Timothy 4:17