December 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review

Well this year sure has been an adventure!!!

It started out really great and there were some definite bumps in the road.

God pulled me through and lo and behold - a new year is just 12 hours away! :)

Here's my year in review for 2012!

January - I had one of the best nights of my life! Our school's annual Snowdaze Dance 2012 was a hit! You can click here and here to read more.

February - I enjoyed the Valentine's Dinner at our church and then one of our youth group's favorite conferences EVER; Dare2Share!

March - I ventured on an 8 hour drive (each way) with my choir and band from school. We made our way to Chicago for 3 days. Which you can read more about herehere, & here.

April - I took a little blogging break, but still brought you a few pictures from the morning sunrise to showing you Polyvore and my best friend.

May - My family and I celebrated the 8th birthday of my angel baby sister and my other sister turned 14. Another fun youth event was our end of the year party w/ inflatables!!! (school year)

June - In the beginning it was rough. This was probably the worst part of 2012...I shared that we had lost our youth pastor, but were preparing to leave for one of the biggest youth conferences EVER in 4 days!  This trip ended up being soooo amazing! God really pulled through, and I'm super excited to go back in a couple years. I REALLY encourage you to watch the video of our trip right here! :)

(Some clothes I was loving [still am] from Pinterest)
July - This month I finally got a Pinterest! Wooohooo! I absolutely love it! If you want to follow me, you can click on that button in my sidebar. :)

August - I celebrated my 1st blogiversary & my 200th post! My blog has come a long ways, and now I have 44 followers! It's been a great ride so far and I hope to keep blogging for a long time!!

>Here's volleyball, school, and instagram all in one!< :)

September - It was the first full month of my Sophomore year! I love school & seeing my friends! I just hate homework and presentations. haha :) I also started playing volleyball and got an Instagram. Some of you have asked, but I haven't wanted to share yet...Anyway if you want to follow me now you can at michlynk_fisher.

October - This was definitely a break month for me, and I got a lot of sweet comments that people were missing me. So I brought you some pinterest favesschool moments, & a little of my life.

November - I turned 16 this month! I did share though that it wasn't exactly a sweet 16. Since this is also the month of Thanksgiving, I started "Insta-Week". So through Instagram for a whole week, I posted a picture of something I was thankful for. Here is day 1, and then you can just go to the next one from there if you want. I also decided I was going to get a haircut.

December - This month was soooo busy! I can't even believe that it has gone so fast. I'm kind of glad it did though. My sister and I played some powder puff & volleyball ended for me. I also told you some stuff you didn't know about me and welcomed you to the northpole. Since school projects were due, and I had numerous things to do...I took a little week vacation until Christmas break arrived. My best friend Beka & I have been best friends for 2 years. Then I brought you my crazy blessed Christmas!

Here's to another great year ahead! May God bless you in many ways!

December 28, 2012

My Christmas


I am so happy that God put me in this amazing family.

I got so much more than I needed. Seriously was spoiled the socks of my feet this year.

My goodness...Here you go... :)

(Top to Bottom)
Erin // Scout // Me // Jace // Tareh Jo

Sisters // My dad // Dad & his sisters (he has no brothers) // My grandparents

Opening presents on Christmas morning :)

My favorite gifts:

Boots//Volleyball//Mocassins//Scarf//RED CD//Gym Shoes//Earphones//Earrings
AND MY PHONE! Erin & I each got a phone :) Sooo excited!! That's right...never had a cell phone before.
 2012 teenager shocker moment :)



The Meaning of Christmas

Just thought I'd brag and say I took this picture... I know, shame on me. ;)
Well I'm back!!

You guys... I just need to say...

I am ridiculously blessed!!!!

This Christmas was so great!

It was filled with joy, laughter, & love.

It's not about the money or presents.

Or the cookies or lights or the snow.

Christmas truly has a meaning.

Christmas really should be explained more...We wouldn't have a Christmas without the most important one.


Goodness gracious, he was born in a dirty stable outside and layed in a feeding trough (manger) to sleep.

He was the most important person ever born. He saved the sins of the entire world - This tiny little baby was literally perfect.

So instead of complaining about not getting the best present, or the weather being too cold... let's remember...

Jesus is the reason of the season!


December 26, 2012

December 21, 2012


Dedication video to my best friend Beka! We've been friends for about 2 years now...this video could go on forever, but I kept it short! <3

Make a video - it's fun, easy and free!

(Oh and the music does have the word d*** in it - just a warning)

Best Friends | 2 Years

This is late again...just like last year, but I'm gonna post it anyway. (Last year's post is right here)

It's the "anniversary" of how long Beka & I have been friends.

2 years people!

Some of you follow her blog Black is a Color. She loves colors - hence the blog title.

We've actually known each other since we were really little, but once Beka started coming to our youth group...we connected again. We hung out more, talked more, went on our first youth trip/conference together, and continue to make way more memories! :)

It feels like forever and I don't know what I would do with out her. She's seen me at my worst and my very best and even at my middles. We tell each other everything and talk about EVERYTHING. From boys, to shopping, to the weird people we encounter, to pranks, to makeup, to youth group, to holidays, to family, to college, and everything in between.

We're basically like sisters. I just love all the memories we've made and things sure have changed... but I can remember quite a few things. A best friend is someone who does the weirdest things with you.

When we talked on the phone with people for 5 hours.
When we stayed up really late, ate pizza rolls, and dipped our feet in wax to make them softer.
When we played endless games of CLUE and MONOPOLY.
When we did a photo shoot at midnight and my feet nearly froze off.
When we went to a cousin's wedding and danced like no one was watching.
When we have sleepovers and end up smacking or kicking each other, during the night.
When we watch pointless videos and laugh like hyenas.
When we were really hyper and took pictures with your stuffed animal skunk.
When we wake-up in the morning and look like petrified squirrels and that's not even bad.
When we stayed up and just ate bowls and bowls of potato soup last year on New Years.
When we went to valleyfair and I stole a refill for our jumbo smoothie.
When we take retarded pictures and count them as ones that actually turned out.
When we slept in the jumpy castle at church and the monster came out of you because people woke us up.
When we scream like little girls playing the game 'sardines' in the dark church at the lock in.
When we went to Lincoln, Nebraska and heard "poking fun at" for the first time.
When we went out shopping with Anna and the employee at the restaurant said "jelly fish, jelly fish, jelly fish"
When we act like a 20 hour road trip is like a trip to town.
When we sing way off and my sister says we're stupid and sound like dying cows.
When we went for runs and then stopped at Dairy Queen for ice cream...pointless work out.
When we find random things on pinterest and end up failing miserably.

Man, my life would be soooo boring if we weren't friends. :) Here's to friendship!

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

When you rush from store to store, last minute and get things off your Christmas list.
When you watch crazy people spend way too much money.
When you bake cookies with your grandma.
When you watch humble people stand outside and ring that annoying great bell.
When you look out the window and the earth is covered in a white sheet. 
When you get a tree and decorate it until it's hanging to the ground
When you drive around town and look at the beautiful lights on peoples' houses.
When we remember the birth of that special little baby, Jesus, born more than 2000 years ago.
When you pray to the Lord Almighty that you don't crash on the icy roads.
When you bundle up warm from the cold weather.
When you drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies.
When you get a nice long break from school.
When you wrap gifts up for everyone in your family.
When you see pretty bows and shiny ribbons.
When you eat too much at the many gatherings you attend.
When you are especially grateful and giving.


December 16, 2012


Hi everyone.

I have about 3 posts in drafts right now.

Some touch ups and 1 click will give you some posts about my oh-so-crazy life.

You guys are fantastic! I seriously don't know what I would do without followers.

My blog would be so boring. But not useless, because it's a special place for me.

Anyway...I have been missing. Don't worry...I am still here. Alive and healthy.

Just wanted to give you a heads-up that I'll probably be missing most of this week as well.

My mom needs some prayers...not feeling so well and has gone to the doctor's office more than once.

I'm finishing up behind the wheel and then my license test is on Friday...eeeekkk people! I need some prayers on that too. To do my very best, not be nervous, and passing would seal the deal.

I still have holiday shopping to do. Urgh...why does everything have to get done all at once?

LOTS of finals and tests this week. I'm not in college, but I go to a college prep school and trust me... The academics are exhausting. seriously. teenagers need a break.

I guess that's why CHRISTMAS BREAK STARTS IN APPROXIMATELY 4 DAYS! Thursday is our last day, and then we'll top it off with some basketball games that night to support are small but always entertaining school.

Talk to you on Friday after my test, to let you know how everything goes...that is if I survive. :)

Hope your holidays are just as busy & I'm not going crazy!

December 12, 2012

teenage moment

So a conversation kind of went like this tonight with my mom...

8:30 pm - dark and fa-reez-ing

Mom: Go get the mail and shovel
Me: uhhhhhhh
Mom: Hurry go! Stick some boots on.
Me: *does as she says*

A short time later

Me: *walks to the entry way* What?
Mom: *points to her uggs* Those are NOT winter boots!
Me: They'll be dry in the morning.
Mom: They are soaking wet.
Me: Yeah they'll be dry in the morning...You said stick on some boots.
Mom: WINTER boots.
Me: Well I didn't hear that don't have to act like the whole world is against you.

9:30 pm
Mom: *cleans up and goes to bed without saying another word*
Me: {In my head} Grrreat! She either A. Hates my guts B. Wanted to yell at me but kept her cool C. Does think the world is against her. OR D. All of thee above

I'm gonna go with D......awesome. Nice Michlyn! Way to completely and fully make your mom feel even better about herself. 0 gold stars.

Goodnight blogworld! I'm gonna start fresh in the morning.

December 11, 2012

From the Northpole to You

Hey everyone. This is going to be pretty much a random post - So if you want to just scroll through and leave, that's ok! :)

I'm living in the north pole as of Sunday.

Snowed from 6 am - 8 pm. BOOM! 13 inches.

I'm dying to take some pictures of all the white loviness stuff.

Still working out some camera probs.

I've been reading some GREAT posts recently. Thought I'd share a few.

Brooke's Imperfect Life (real stuff)

Hannah's Christmas Playlist

Brittany's Amazing Photography

Ariel's Stories (good stuff)

Haley's Heart (protecting yourself)

Ha! You thought I was going to leave you hanging...nope I do have a few photos that I snapped on the way to school. I will admit it does look pretty! Although the weather that comes with it...brrrr!

Also I've been getting nail inspired again with this season change! :) Thinking maybe something like these....

FUN CHRISTMAS NAIL ART IDEA  .  christmas nails 2

What have you been up to? I'll post again soon! Now it's off to homework...oh joy.

December 10, 2012

back to december

Since it's December...I thought this would be a good song.

I've been listening to it a lot lately. 

I just love it. And Taylor Swift. 

Oh and there is a ton of snow up where I live. So happy winter from me!

December 6, 2012

Stuff You Don't Know About Me.

I was inspired by Brooke to do this post.

i have troubles with math.
i hate embarrassing myself. blushing is a weakness.
i worry about money.
sometimes i think i'm fat.
i worry what others think of my clothes/hair.
i am sooo self-conscious about my face. those darn zits.
sometimes i wish i had a boyfriend - no matter how much i say i don't.
i hate waking up early. definitely a night owl.
i despise really short shorts.
i am a christian, but have stumbled with my faith lately. 
drama. ugh. nuff said.
i like to write. yes, even in my free time.
adoption is the hardest thing we have ever been through.
some days i wish my life could rewind to 6th grade.
i worry about the silliest & dumbest things.
i would rather be with my friends at school than at home. usually.
i'm a little nervous to get my license.
if i'm crabby - don't tell me. just leave me alone.
i get jealous at the most ridiculous stuff.
i wish i could travel the world.
one of my goals is to become a photographer.
i love romance movies. my favorite is letters to juliet.
i think dishes are the worst chore ever.
i don't do my own laundry. i know. shocking.
i'm a huge hunger games fan. do not like twilight at all.

The End.


December 3, 2012 over :(

I said in my last post about volleyball that our season was now over.

I was so sad.

I miss it a lot but see my teammates all the time.

Here are some high lights from our season.

This was at our first tournament called the "Spike-Fest". We are "crunching", which means if the other team is blocking we should all be close to get the ball. It was fun yelling "CRUNCH" because no other team knew what we were talking about - it was our own word. 

That would be me in the white jersey, passing the ball to our setter.

This is us praying...we would always start praying when there was about 1 minute left on the clock for warm-ups. I don't go to a Christian school but I am so blessed to be on a team with this amazing group of girls.

This was us doing our line up, to begin the game. They announce the starters and we each have our own little action to show the crowd. My friend Monica's was to do the "tebow". :)

This is the varsity team - we all did our hair the same this game (we actually tried to do it the same every game) and all wore our sweatshirts. I'm the one in the red jeans :)

One of my VERY favorite pictures from the season. It was a small group of us that were laying down after a game at our tournament. We had left the school by 8 am and were really tired - but pyshed at the same time!



P.S. Here is a video that we took of our "let's get pumped"! We would do this before almost every game, and since this school had showers...we decided to make it a little more interesting. :)

I tried to make it smaller, but it didn't work.

December 1, 2012

Powder Puff 2012

Last week, my sister and I got on the field.

It was her first year of Powder Puff.

She's a freshman and I'm a sophomore.

It's a yearly tradition at our small charter school.

Like always, it was {freshman and seniors} against the {sophomores and juniors}.

Definitely a BLAST!

Right when the game started - Wasn't too cold, especially if you were in long sleeves and running most of the time.

Close to the end of the game! :)

The Pink Ladies - Sophomores & Juniors


The Avengers - Freshman & Seniors

Looking forward to next year, where Erin & I can be on the same team!

P.S. To read my post on Powder Puff 2011 - click here.

November 22, 2012

Insta-Week / Day 7


I am thankful that I had a great Thanksgiving!
My wonderful family.
The great food prepared by my grandma.
The good and funny conversations.
Writing down Christmas lists and exchanging names.
Seeing a new little puppy my cousins just got.
Hearing what everyone else was thankful for.

It's funny that after doing these last 7 posts, that I realize I'm thankful for things you don't normally think about. I wanted to do something different than just a standard Thanksgiving post. I LOVED reading all of your Thanksgiving posts. 

Some favorites are below:


November 21, 2012

Insta-Week / Day 6

I am thankful for beautiful sunsets that I can admire.
Our God truly does amazing work. :)


November 20, 2012

Insta-Week / Day 5

I am thankful for a house to live in.
For a warm bed with pillows and blankets.
A dresser and closet stuffed with clothes.
Picture frames for all my memories.
For a hot shower everyday.
For a kitchen full of food.
Two vehicles that can easily get us places.
A beautiful neighborhood to explore.


November 19, 2012

Insta-Week / Day 4

I am thankful for people who accept me for me.
My best friends. My family. And all of you.
You read about my crazy life and see pictures that I don't show most people.
Thanks for always being there for me! :)


November 18, 2012

Insta-Week / Day 3

I'm thankful for nights when I can just sit and blog or watch a movie.
When my dad brings my mom and I Chinese food.
My parents are so awesome. They make sure I have everything I need + more.
Especially when my dad makes me malts. They are the best!
For those nights when I can relax and not worry about anything. 


November 17, 2012

Insta-Week / Day 2

It's National Adoption Day! I am so thankful for my little sister.
No matter how much she can drive me crazy - I still love her.
Our world has been turned upside down for this little girl, as her broken heart continues to heal.

I am also thankful for Caribou Coffee and all the love they spread around.
To help families like us... who can't always raise all the money they need for adoption.

God is good. And I am blessed.