April 29, 2013

Welcome Summer?

Since this past weekend it's been gooorgeous outside. I live in a very cold winter state and it seemed like Spring was never going to come. A friend of mine posted on facebook "I went from a winter coat to being shirtless outside...this state is weird." It made me laugh, because it's so true. I'm pretty sure that we just skipped Spring all together and went straight to Summer. With only 16 days of school left and temperatures being in the 70's; it honestly feels like Summer vacation.

My siblings and I were outside pretty  much all weekend, and so I decided to snap some pics of the beautiful lush scenery. Although it was sunset (and yes it seems like that's all the scenery kind of pictures I take) there really is no snow left, and it was just beautiful. :)

I do have some fun plans this week and also a couple birthdays this weekend! Hope you all have a wonderful week!


April 27, 2013

Blogger is Frustrating

Blogger is frustrating me right now!!!

It won't change anything on my layout or template.

So excuse the yucky blog details right now, until I figure out what's up.

Hope you're all having fabulous weather just like me! :)


April 22, 2013

District Blitz 2013

This past weekend I was out of town with my youth group on our first trip since last July! It was sooo much fun!

Everyone got a long, the bus rides weren't too long, we got to grow more in our faith, and worship our AMAZING God! :)


 Caitlyn & Erin on the bus...headed for the conference!
 Beka & I on the bus...on our way!!
 Waiting for the conference to start beginning on Friday!
In our seats in the balcony

 Chatting...waiting for the doors to open on Saturday night.
 Our speaker for the weekend...Brandon Zieske.
 These are fears that people wrote down and our speaker (Brandon) painted FREE across it. So amazing!

 The conference and the room was only half full :)
 The Neverclaim! This band is INCREDIBLE & SO passionate to worship our Lord.
 One night we decided to dress up and then go out to dinner...It was a lot of fun!
 A favorite verse that he showed

 Encounter Jesus flame

 Brandon Zieske
 The "MC" for the weekend :)
Dress up!
 Brother & sister on our "dress-up go-out-to-dinner night"
 Where we sat in the conference center...left balcony w/ a perfect view of the stage!

It changes EVERYTHING!

April 15, 2013

Things I've Realized {from Pinterest}

This post is mostly for fun. I've realized that Pinterest is really unrealistic...I know some people realize that right from the beginning, but it took me a little while.

I'm here to give you a few examples straight from my life.

Everyone wants their Bible to look like that...c'mon admit it. And in real life mine (seriously) is brand new...got it for Easter. But I can't wait until it fills up.

Looking for a great picture with some beautiful sunlight? Yeah well really you're gonna get the snow stomped ground in the dead middle of winter and with the sun as my hat.

Sometimes I also realize it's quality and critique. Because I promise I wore this before I saw this on pinterest... And yet the outfit on pinterest looks better. Weird.

Now this picture is just adorable...love her glasses & her expression. Now me...it looks like I have a balloon in my mouth and I'm trying to hold my breath and not choke on it or something. Goodness gracious this is awkward. :)

Don't judge me for my apps. My brothers play more games than I do. So I saw this on pinterest and thought that would be so cute and fun to do. And then I realized how too incredibly lazy I am to do that. So my iPod will stay the same and look as if a 4 year old owns it.

I have been loving the eye makeup I've been seeing on Pinterest recently. Then I realized I don't have the eye shadow, lashes, or talent to do any of them. So this is what you get. Oh and my eyes (or eye liner) don't look that disgusting in real life.
Thank you for listening to my realistic rant on how I spend my time! :)

April 10, 2013

Random Little Happenings

Man you must all think my life is pretty boring...and actually that is half the truth right now. :)

Here are a few things that are going on or coming up in my world.

I'm sick...not just a little cold. No like legit sick and it stinks! I'm on my 2nd day home from school.

I've been getting more and more instagram followers recently. Thanks to all my bloggy friends who have found me!

Spring has been here for a little while...and then I found out we are supposed to get 8-10 inches of snow today. :(

Next weekend, my youth group is headed to a youth conference!! This will be our first one since July - so excited!

I caved and got a snapchat...it's interesting and I still don't really use it much, but it can be fun.

There are only 6 weeks of school left!!! WOW! Crazy how time flies when you're having fun...yes school is usually fun.

I've got some DIY projects in my head, and I'm really excited to see how they turn out. Remember, I'm not that artsy.

There's a few random things about my life recently! What's new in your life?


April 5, 2013

He was Protecting Us

I'm pretty sure most of you know that I have my drivers license. I turned 16 in November, and got my license in January.

Just about 4 weeks ago, I was involved in my first ever car accident.

My parents have been in quite a few accidents, but never when they had kids.

Thank goodness it wasn't my fault, and that everyone was perfectly ok.

I was on my way to school with both of my brothers in the back seat.

I was getting ready to merge onto the busy highway from a backroad about 5 minutes from our house.

As I was waiting for it to clear, I noticed that there was a bus in the left lane and that it was clear for me to get into the right lane.

Well, about 3 seconds after I was fully in the lane the bus passed me, and the car behind it was trying to change lanes, but since he hadn't seen me merge earlier he hit me in the front/side.

He was going around 60 mph and since I was still speeding up I was going around 40 mph.

Once he hit me (on the drivers side) it popped my front tire and spun me around. That would put me facing oncoming traffic.

It all happened so fast...the only part I really remember at that direct moment was; I heard a loud crash and thought "What on earth just happened?! No...I couldn't of just gotten in an accident."

Did I mention that my parents had surprised me with a car...just 10 days before this happened? I didn't? Oh well they did and yes I was driving it that day...

I couldn't restart my car and so I was stuck facing backwards in the middle of the lane with no help accept my mom who I had just called to tell her what happened.

After being turned around, frantically trying to restart my car, and balling my eyes out I had to figure out two things: "Are my brothers ok?" & "How bad is the car?"

I spun around and saw both of my brothers conscious, not bleeding, and not even crying. They actually cried less than I did...

A couple minutes later 2 ladies who had seen the accident came rushing towards me, called 911, and made sure everyone was ok. It was quite the scene!
I did hit my head on the side window and so I had a small bruise and my neck was sore and my youngest brother also bumped his ear on the window, but that was about the extent of any injuries what so ever.

God was not only protecting me & my brothers, but also the other guy and his young daughter.

He didn't come up to me or ask me if I was ok, but my mom did ask his wife if him or his daughter were hurt and that was about it.

I was so shooken up about everything that looking back... half of it was a blur and and at the same time I remember everything. (obviously because I'm writing this post)


After working everything out with insurance, being asked many questions, and waiting for the "shock" to wear off...things are 98% back to normal.

Whenever my brothers are in the car with me and we get home safely, Scout (the youngest bro) will announce "We made it and we're back in one piece!!" :) Haha oh dear I traumatized them...kinda...not really.

I know for a fact that the accident could of been a lot worse, and that Jesus sent his angels down. The thought of anyone getting seriously injured or even dying makes me emotional.

It's hard to think about sometimes, but when I breathe a little prayer I know that Jesus is always with me no matter what. Whether it's driving, eating, sleeping, or working.

If you read the whole thing, I applaud you! :)


April 4, 2013

Oh How Technology Can Ruin Things...

I've been missing because our internet went down for a couple days and that was really interesting, because I just sat around trying to think of things to do.

I mean I actually got the motivation at 10 in the morning to do my homework... craaazay.

Also our computer has crashed about 3 times in the last 2 months. Awesome.

School files, saved websites, blog ideas, & ALL my photos GONE - scenery, photoshoots, sophomore year pics, instagram...everything. On some random disks that we can't even open.

Sooo I'll have another post up real soon and then hopefully get back into the rhythm of blogging. :)