December 8, 2015

One. Week. Left.

Guys the time is winding down!! In just over a week, I'll be back home with my family & my dogs & working & having no school work.
Can't. Wait.

College has been much tougher than I ever thought it would be. Many different aspects tie into the first semester being a little challenging but this too shall pass. I've learned SO much and am just taking more and more steps towards my ultimate goal - which I'm incredibly excited about.

With no set schedule (besides classes), little sleep, homework, and other various socially & mentally draining events - you get a little exhausted. So I'm very much looking forward to being home for almost a month!

Highlights of my first semester?
- Getting to know my roommates better & we're actually adding our best friend to our dorm room next semester :)
-Yes, we were one of those dorms that bought a "pet" fish. Hank Alexander Nigel Sven I - aka Hans. (long story, don't ask. We just call him Hank)
- I'm very thankful for the weekends I got to go home - a lot of students aren't able to.
- Random adventures to Target.
- Playing Just Dance with my roomies until midnight - and losing every single time I might add.
- The support of friends & family! I couldn't do this journey alone.
- My GORGEOUS campus - any season is picturesque.
- Extremely thankful for my boyfriend who pushes me to do my best & supports me through everything. Going to college with him has been such a blessing!
- Also, my sister Erin is my biggest support. She wouldn't complain when I texted her ranting or upset. She drove the 2 hour commute to come see me on weekends I was alone (or just bored). She totally understands me & my heart. It's tough not sharing a room with her anymore but I know we'll be there for each other in everything we do.

Praying all my lovely followers have a safe & blessed Holiday season. Enjoy those around you and don't take them for granted. Remember the real reason for Christmas. I'll be back soon!


October 30, 2015

Beka {Senior 2016}

Some of you will probably remember Beka - We've known each other since we were toddlers, became inseparable best friends through middle school/ high school, and then life got crazy and I went to college. In my early years of blogging, you'll find many posts about us and our adventures.

She's a senior in high school this year and she asked me to take her senior pictures since we used to do photoshoots all. the. time. So I borrowed a camera, picked a weekend I was home, and spent 4+ hours shooting. It was a blast! So here's a little preview...

I loved accompanying her to all the places she had in mind, going to lunch, tagging along with her horse 'Joey', and overall she just made my job super easy. She's very photogenic and her gorgeous, natural red hair looked perfect the entire shoot. Even through some rain and changing clothes it stayed perfect. Thank you Beka for a fun day and I hope you have the best senior year ever!


October 25, 2015

Two Months In

Wow it's been a while since I've blogged. I really really miss it but I also keep a personal journal that I write in quite often so my memories are getting noted somehow.

College is going great! It's as hard as people say but also as fun as people say.

It's hard to be away from home and my family. It's hard when you feel extremely lonely somedays. It's hard when you fail exams. It's hard to not be familiar with things. But...

It's fun to make new friends. It's fun to laugh and stay up late. It's fun to be 5 minutes from your boyfriend. It's fun to learn things that will help you gain a degree & career.

So life is good and busy. I don't have any pictures this time, but I'll be back soon!

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xoxo followers,

September 13, 2015

College Life

The last 3 1/2 weeks have flown by so incredibly fast.

All the nerves, anxiousness, and worries are gone. Replaced with new friends, joy, and college adventures. Let's rewind just a little bit...

Family selfie after the truck was loaded up

On August 18th, I moved into my college dorm and started orientation.
The next day, August 19th, at 5:30am I woke up to tryout for the varsity volleyball team. I didn't make the team but it was so fun to meet the girls and get to be on the court again.
Then on August 21st my roommates moved in! They have the same name (Brooke) and so we now go by nicknames based on our last names. We get along so well and we're already really close. That same day my boyfriend (Derek) also moved into his dorm and it's such a blessing to have him on the same campus!
From the 21st-25th, we had constant freshman orientation activities. Met with our orientation leaders, our entire orientation group of 20+ people. We did volunteer work in the community, played "name games", went to chapel together, and had so many informational sessions I thought my head was going to explode.

Goodbye pictures with my brothers

Move in day with Derek :)

Me and "the Brookes" (roommates)

Despite how exhausting and full our days were, it was a lot of fun and my roommates and I got to know our group really well! Classes started on August 26th, and we're just about to go into our 4th week of classes! Time flies so fast and it's insane that I've almost been here for an entire month. Lots of work. Lots of fun. Lots of memories.

First day of school selfie - I only did this for my mom because it's tradition :)

I've even gotten to go back home a couple times to see my younger siblings play soccer, and visit with some friends. Last week, Derek and I went back to our high school to watch my old volleyball teammates play their second home game! It was so fun to see them again and one of my best friends from high school came and watched with us too!
Erin and her best friend came to watch UNW's first football game!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their time back to school! I'll write again as soon as I have enough time :)


August 17, 2015

The Rest of Summer {2015}

The summer after my senior year was probably the best summer of my life so far.

I gained such beautiful friendships and grew closer to those that I love. My "big sister" (actually my former babysitter that became a huge role model in my life and now I just call her my sister) and how much wisdom she pours into me without even trying. Her faith is so strong and it's so inspiring.

My amazing cousin who seeks out my time just to chat and catch up. Who randomly sends me bible verses for encouragement and wants to know how my day is going. We've been best friends since we were little and I love how our bond has only gotten stronger even though we see each other way less than we used to.

This summer I started dating my best friend and that has been such an incredible transition. He pushes me to do my best and believes in everything that I do. I love getting to talk to him about anything and know that he's going to support me. He made this summer one I will never forget.

Lots of memories. Lots of love. New beginnings are ahead.


August 15, 2015

What I'm Going to Miss.

Being the first born of a family has it's pros and cons; just like everything else in life does. There are always positives and negatives but you just have to focus on the right reasons and keep your chin up.

I've always loved being the oldest in my family. And now I'm heading to college in a couple days and it's a whole new experience. I'm the first one to leave the house and go to college. First generation headed to a 4 yr university. I know it's going to be such a fun experience and I'm going to learn so much but I'm also going to miss a lot from home.

My family first and foremost.

My dad whistling in the kitchen as he cooks. Or coming up with ridiculous jokes to make my boyfriend laugh. Or him tickling my feet because he knows it drives me crazy.

My momma. Buying me clothes. Doing my laundry. Listening to her praying with my little siblings - how she's raised them just the same as me. Feeding me truth and wisdom. Singing country songs together in the car.

My best friend, my sister Erin. We've shared a room since she was born. We make up our own words and jokes and laugh about it for years. Or talking about boys in the dark before we go to bed. How we can hate the same thing or love completely different things.

My little siblings too. How they look up to me. How my youngest brother pronounces my name wrong. My littlest sister wanting to be just like me.

Driving down the backroads with the windows down and the music blaring. (I won't get to bring my car on campus as a freshman) Going for late night junk food runs with my sister. Missing my job and my coworkers for how hard they work.

Things are going to change but it's going to be a good experience. One I'm getting very excited for and very nervous for. Hoping these last few days go a lot slower than the rest of my summer. Soaking in every last detail.


August 6, 2015


The countdown has begun. Only 12 more days until I'm moving onto my college campus. TWELVE.

Nerves are kicking in. Excitement is rising. Dorm checklist is getting smaller. Time is getting shorter.

I'm preparing myself for the unexpected. I've never done this college thing before. I know I'm going to love it. I know it's going to be different. I just don't know what to expect. My friends and I are all going different ways. An hour away from home. Taking a year off. A couple are moving east and a couple are moving west. My best friend found her dream college 5 hours away from me. We're all just preparing ourselves for change.

We've done it before. When your childhood best friend and her family moved across the country. Or when your parents got divorced. You had your "goodbye dance" after middle school and prepared yourself for freshman year of high school. Now it's a little different though. We won't all have our parents to pay for our groceries and car insurance. We'll have to schedule our own appointments and buy our own clothes for a job interview. It's all changing.

But it's a good change. Growing up is intimidating and thrilling. We'll all do it individually and life will get busier and more exciting. We'll meet new people and call them our soul mates. We'll forget those girls in high school that only strived for beauty and popularity; not intellect and originality.

Life is a journey and nobody travels it exactly the same way. So I'm just preparing myself - my mind, my heart, to strive for my dreams and pray that God will always be by my side.

And every little (or big) thing is gonna be alright.


July 28, 2015

College Packing List

As I've been preparing for my move into my college dorm, I've done a lot of searching for the best things to buy. College dorms are usually very small (depending on where you go to college and how many people it is supposed to accommodate) and so you have to be aware of how much stuff you bring otherwise you'll run out of space.

I've been shopping a couple times already for dorm materials and I've realized that it's much easier to make a couple trips instead of just one. This way you don't have to come up with a ton of money to go on a mega shopping trip. Just make your grand list and then every other week just make a smaller shopping list and start crossing things off as you gather the things you need.

Another tip is (if you have them) to meet with your roommates prior to move in day. Connect with each other or meet for lunch and get to know each other. Make a list together of what everyone already has and what you still need to buy. This way you won't buy doubles of certain items and you also won't forget anything.

So here's a college packing list of things you'll need for your dorm

Mattress cover
Alarm clock
Side Table (for a TV stand or for by your bed)
Futon/Bean Bags/Lounge Chairs (whatever fits best)
TV/DVD Player
Decor (optional - think of the space)
Storage dressers/drawers
Shoe Shelf
Desk lamp
School/Office supplies
Board games/Cards
Area rug
Full length mirror
Bulletin board (great for keeping track of schedules)
Laundry baskets

Wash rags
Chip Clips
Measuring cups
Can Opener
Mini Fridge
Oven Mits/Hot Pads
First aid kit

Shower caddy/bag
Bath towels
Cotton balls/Q-tips
Toilet Paper
Shower curtain & Liner
Bath mat
Small mirror
Soaps/Lotions/Shampoo & Conditioner

Command strips
Cleaning supplies (i.e. clorox wipes, windex, magic erasers, etc)
Extension chords
Power strip
Plastic bags
Reusable/Tote bags
Radio/Bluetooth speaker
Paper towels
Shelves for food & snack storage
Hand held vacuum

Good luck to all my fellow freshman and good luck on move in day!


July 22, 2015

Moments That Make Me Smile

When my family is all together and gets to eat endless amounts of food, jump in the lake, and sit by a fire at night.

Laying in the sun while my nanny girls splash in the pool with their friends and talk about Taylor Swift.

Hearing my favorite song on the radio and turning it all the way up with my windows down.

When I fall asleep and he kisses my cheek and lays quietly next to me.

Working at the store really late but my awesome coworkers and I all go out to eat afterwards.

Getting packages in the mail.

Meeting future roommates at a coffee shop and getting to know each other before move in day.

Spending the day with extended family that I love so much but don't get to see often enough and eating our way through the conversations.

Planning ideas and necessities for dorm life.


Going for a bike ride around the neighborhood, looking back and seeing him smile back at me.

Beach days with my best friends and gossiping about our lives and forgetting about reality on the other side of the sand.

Painting my toes and wearing new shoes to show them off.

Telling him how nervous I am for the future, and then he kisses me to forget about it for just a moment.

July 19, 2015

Senior Summer

I live a crazy, beautiful life. Soaking up the sunshine. Working hard. Seeing friends & family. Enjoying my post senior year summer.
starbucks for lunch after a 5am shift.

baseball game with Megan.

sunset on the way home from work.

moments like this.

 fourth of july.
road trips.

You can follow along with my busy life at smalltowngirl_michlyn.


July 17, 2015


Hey everyone! 

Phew it's been quite a while since I've been able to sit down and actually get my fingers to type words. I meant to get a couple posts out weeks ago, but you know how life is and priorities get straightened out. So blogging unfortunately is at the bottom of my to-do list these days leaving this blog empty.

I can't tell you guys how much it means to me that people take the time out of their day to read about my crazy life, deep life moments, and the fun I have along the way. This time in my life has shown me how incredibly grateful I am for everyone and everything around me. For the people that came to my grad party, for my family who has helped me get closer to my dreams and supported me, my best friends for making me laugh on days when I most need it, for blogger friends that encourage me from thousands of miles away, and my Jesus that oversees my life and knows what's coming next even when I don't.

Lately, I've been struggling with a great deal of nerves and anxiousness about the changes in my life. In exactly one month I'll move onto my college campus - living away from my family (longer than a few days) for the first time. I've been so so excited throughout the past year to be going to my dream school and getting to pursue teaching - something I've wanted to do since I was 9 yrs old. But just as the countdown gets lower and lower, my heart starts beating faster and faster. Don't get me wrong, I'm still very excited but I just think expecting the unexpected is a little hard right now.

The day after I move out, I'll also be trying out for UNW's varsity volleyball team. Whether it means I make the team or it's not for me - it will be ok. I know that I'd like to give it a shot and try my best instead of not trying at all. But I think those 48 hours of complete change will be very hard but also very rewarding and I can't wait to see what God has in store for my future as an Eagle.

Otherwise, if you're wondering how my summer has been going so far - it's been wonderful! I've been trying to see my friends as much as possible, before we go our different ways and enjoying each day. Trying to help my family juggle our busy schedules and also soaking in the time with them before I leave. I'm working 2 jobs this summer to try and save a little money for college expenses in the fall but also to have a little fun too.

As you can see, I haven't really had the words (or time) to say what's on my mind but I hope this post finds all my followers well and enjoying the summer. If you're in my boat - just know you're not alone! Being nervous about college is normal but also stay excited - you never know what the future will hold.


June 19, 2015


              {one year ago}

They had grown close. He had undeniable charm and her smile took it all in. A 5 month friendship that grew to something a little more. They were complete opposites. He drank on the weekends and she went to church every Sunday. Somehow they interchangeably became an important part of each others' lives. A drunk kid on the phone with the girl he liked for 4 hours turned into sober heart to heart conversations. Soon enough he took her very first kiss on his couch. This fascination with each others' minds and lives and the advice they gave each other. They thought it was love. It was risky and passionate. She thought sneaking away to see him would make it more fun instead of creating boundaries.

She's screaming. Her mom won't stop telling her to stay away from him. He's not good news. His reputation is bad and he doesn't care about you. She's crying. Trying to explain how she feels without contradicting her words. Her heart is throbbing in her chest, almost as much as her throat is from screaming. Trying to deny that he was toxic for her. But inside she knew him and his past. He just kept drawing her back in.

His name popped up on her phone. 

"Are we okay? I feel like I messed up."

"What do you mean you messed up?"

"It was just one night when I was upset. I'm so sorry, I never meant to hurt you."

"Whatever. I thought you were different now."

Heartbroken. Her mom was always right. She couldn't deny it any longer. The passion, happiness, what they thought was love...was not. Tears stained her pillow night after night until she realized it wasn't worth it. She wrote him letters that never got sent. Her mind raced with memories and her heartstrings ached. How was she going to move past this. Someone she thought made her feel so special, so alive. She moved on and kept going. Life didn't stop and month after month went by with an emptiness still inside her. Eventually, strength and independence coursed through her. She would know what happiness felt like again. It wasn't because of a person or a was because she was living her life and doing things for herself. But she couldn't help but think it was because of the heartstrings he pulled, that actually made her realize how strong she could actually be.

May 28, 2015


Recently, I've been encountered with the question "Are you happy?". And to be honest, this year was a growing year for me in my strength, maturity, and faith. Nine months ago, the beginning of my senior year, I didn't feel happy. I was stressed, disappointed, lost. Everyone else around me had their lives and plans put together and smiles on their faces.

It felt like I was getting over difficulties in my life and I had no one to turn to. But I kept a smile on my face and went through the motions. I prayed to God to "just make me happy". I quickly learned that He couldn't just "fix" my problems. It takes positive changes and efforts to gain what you want to achieve.

If something makes you unhappy, you have to know what needs to change. Sometimes it takes weeks and sometimes months. Happiness is something everyone wants. If something makes you radiate joy and the people in your life are witnesses, then keep it. Other peoples' opinions often shouldn't matter but when they're people that love and influence you, listen to them.

I'm so thankful for a Savior that loves me unconditionally and is there when it feels like no one else is. He lifts me out of the trenches and back onto the right path. Today, I can honestly answer that question with a positive "yes!".

Do what makes you happy.

May 26, 2015

High School Graduate {2015}

So I did it.

I graduated from high school.

13 years of school. check.

Got my diploma. Threw my cap into the air. Heard my name announced as "the class of 2015". goosebumps.

It's all surreal. You never think you'll make it. It seems so far away. And soon enough it comes and goes.

So extremely thankful for getting to this amazing point in my life. I have so much that I will look back on and remember. The good times and bad times. Everything I've learned spiritually, academically, and emotionally are all apart of who I am today. I have so many incredible people in my life that have helped me mature and grow into the person I am today.

In just 3 short months, I will move unto a college campus and begin my journey as a UNW Eagle! There, I will pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. If someone was to ask if I'm excited or nervous? ALL OF THE ABOVE.


Congrats to us class of 2015! We did it!


May 7, 2015

Graduation Count: 15 Days

In just 15 short days I'll walk across the stage at my high school, shake my principal's hand, grab by diploma, and accomplish one of the biggest goals that every average teenager has. But this accomplishment will be more than just a piece of paper, (that they actually mail to you and the fake one is inside the folder at graduation...but sshhh you didn't hear it from me) it will be everything I did to earn that diploma and I couldn't be more excited.

Because school is hard. Whether you're a natural at math equations or went by the saying "C's get degrees" throughout your years, you still did the work to get that piece of paper with your name in cursive on it and a couple of official signatures. We all just do what we're supposed to do (or don't) and go through the motions and make friends and learn things and soon enough we're the ones accepting our own achievement. Your parents talk about it, you've gone to grad parties & open houses growing up, you saw a couple upper classmen that became your role models and best friends accept it, and now it's you.

Honestly, it's just one of those things where I'm extremely proud of how far I've come. I'm also incredibly grateful for all of the mentoring I've gotten through the years, the opportunities I've gotten to experience, and the people I've gotten to meet.

It's coming fast people and the class of 2015 is one thing I'll get to be apart of forever. Just 15 days....


May 4, 2015

Prom 2015 {Senior Year}

On May 2nd, 2015 I went to my senior prom! My last high school dance ever...

I'm so thankful that I got to go with my best friend as my date and all of my favorite people got to spend the night together dancing, laughing, and making so many memories. We enjoyed every single part of the day/night and made it as fun as could be.

My sister, Erin, and I got our hair done at 10:00am and then finished our makeup and made it home in time to get in our dresses and put on our jewelry before my date showed up and it was time to go.

One part that does get sort of exhausting are all of the pictures that we take before we actually head to prom. Thankfully everyone was pretty patient and we had some very nice photographers & parents ready to capture the moments.

Pictures went from about 2-4:30pm with all of the driving to different locations and meeting up with different friends. Finally, at 5:00pm we all jumped in our super awesome cars (just kidding - nothing too extravagant) and headed to the river boat where our prom would be held from 6-11pm.

I had an absolute blast with some of my best friends! Time passed way too fast on prom night but we all enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards we all followed each other back to our friends' house and ate more food and eventually crashed on the couch before the guys left.

Senior year has been full of so many incredible opportunities and sweet memories that I will never forget. I'm so looking forward to graduating with my amazing senior class in just 18 days, and then enjoying the summer before we all go our separate ways. Here's to the best prom I could of imagined!