January 31, 2013

Snow Daze 2013 (in pictures)

Pictures from a super fun night with friends!

The winter dance at our school is one of my favorite memories from the whole year!

Memories I will never forget! :)


January 27, 2013

Snow Daze 2013 (in words)

Our school's Snowdaze dance was last night. 7-11 pm.

I was nominated with 5 of my other good friends for our sophomore royalty.

The dresses were gorgeous.

The dancing was crazy and so much fun.

The DJ was great and funny.

The people were amazing and entertaining.

The music was loud.

The decorations were beautiful.

My friends were the best!

My sister Erin and I before we left for the dance!


P.S. More pictures to come as soon as they are up on our school website.

January 26, 2013

No Midnight

No midnight

And tonight I shall.

Hello Snowdaze 2013.


January 25, 2013


Thank God it's Friday!!

Wooo! I made it through our 4 but LONG day school week, of the 2nd semester.

I don't especially enjoy most of my new classes, but I do have a few favorites.

It will be something to get used to in the next few weeks.

In my last catch up post I said I had found a Snowdaze dress...

And people the long awaited day of Snowdaze 2013 is...TOMORROW!

So I'll be posting sometime soon about all the fun details of that. :)

I just have to wait for our graphic design and publishing team/class to get the pictures on the website.

I've loved reading your blogs recently! Some favorite posts are:

Classy Girls Wear Pearls - Her posts are so great and her style is so original; I love it!

moments with love - A mom who documents her life of adoption, life, and love with 9 kiddos.

five lists on Awaken - What she loves and wants.

Life as a Missionary Kid - Just started following her and she gives a sneak peek into her life; just a little older than me.

Mr. Sassy Photoshoot at be lovely - Real life, funny, and teenage stuff; this girl is great!

EM on a Mission - Teenage girl who just moved to live in Uganda permanently to serve her Lord and be the hands and feet of Jesus to orphans.

This is so true!!

Are you glad it's Friday?

January 22, 2013

God Gave Me You for the Ups and Downs

So today was the first day of the 2nd semester.

And when you get new classes and lose some of your friends in those classes...

for 7 whole hours of the day....

It kinda wears you out and you aren't in the best mood.

But then there are those friends.

They are there for you always. The ups and downs.

And tonight it was the downs.

To make me laugh and just get things of  my chest.

To be my complete self...even if it is over text.

To not be judged on my honest thoughts.

And it makes me happier.

God truly gave me the best friends for the ups & downs.


P.S. Yes I am fully aware that is also the title of a country song, that Blake Shelton sings about 2 people in love. However that is not what my post is about. Thank you.

January 19, 2013

A Nomination, End of semester, & Drivers license Kind of Week

I did say I was going to be busy this week...

And BUSY I was!

I also said that there would be great stories and I do have those as well.

Here's a look into my busy week!

I mentioned before that our first semester of school was ending and Thursday was the last day! We are on a nice 4-day weekend break!! Which means it was full of tests, projects, and all late homework was due by the end of the day.

Little brother hard at work :)

Took a break and played some intense scrabble with my sister! 

I also mentioned in my last post that I was looking for a Snowdaze dress. Well I found one and thought I would give you a little sneak peek. :)

P.S. I also found out that I was nominated as one of the top 3 girls in my grade for Snowdaze Princess!
Oh and my amazing friend Megan was nominated too!! :)

Since this week wasn't stressful enough *sarcastic cough*, I also decided I was going to try my license test again. For those of you who don't know...I failed the first time at the end of December. I PASSED! Woooo I am now a licensed driver! :)

So it might  not seem stressful or busy, but put youth group, teaching AWANA at church, late nights, and a nerve attacking license test allll together and that's what you have! :)

I also got my braces off! (a whole other post about that coming in a few days)

Oh and I'm also guest posting right here today! Would love for you stop by Emma's blog and check it out!


January 11, 2013

Lately in January

What have I been up to?

Pretty much this.........

Credit goes to Pinterest for this pic.

Scrolling through numerous websites looking for a Snowdaze dress.

Babysitting. Saving some mula for a car. and gas!

School. School. School. 1st semester ends next week.

Taking some winter scenery pics...the snow is still here in huge amounts.

WAY less instagramming. I guess around Christmas things are just so pretty to Instagram.

Cleaning...Seems like a tornado has hit my room every other day.

New nails designs. I've been experimenting...fun stuff thanks to Pinterest!

Shopping. One of my hobbies.

Wishful sleeping. I love taking naps after school. Unfortunately that hasn't happened for many weeks.

And blogging! I have fantastic followers :)


P.S. Sorry I've been a little quiet lately. Not much to say...once this week is over...I should have some great stories coming this way. Have a restful weekend full of extra junk food, sleep, homework, and friends!

January 5, 2013


I'm still recovering from Christmas break and all it's lovely-ness. :)

I think I went through a mental shock when school started again.

Let me give you a little look into...

What Christmas Break is really like.....

The First Day:
Expectation: Everyone is all happy and cheerful...you talk about exciting things in all your classes and enjoy some Christmas gifts from friends.

Reality: You can hardly sit still long enough to endure that reeeaally long 50-ish minutes. A lot of teachers are crabby and impatient because they have to put up with psycho teenagers. You also have to turn in a paper, project, or presentation in almost every class.

Expectation: The last bell rings and everyone skips into the halls like magical elves. You gather your things, and say goodbye to your friends.

Reality: That final bell rings and people are everywhere. No lie. You can barely get your books and leave the class without being run over by a stampede. Fortunately, teachers decided to not assign homework and you get home to obnoxiously post all over facebook that Christmas break is HERE!

Christmas Celebrations:
Expectation: You're a teenager and you're as cool as a cucumber. You're excited for your gifts, but no need to show excitement.

Reality: You are so stinkin' excited for that one thing you KNOW you're gonna get that you almost pee your pants. Then, on Christmas Eve night you're just like a little kid waking up every hour and trying not to open your door to take a peek at the presents.

Expectation: You got a pile of presents and just don't know what to do with yourself. You explore and use every gift you got and are busy for days.

Reality: All the gifts you got are amazing. You were totally blessed! It's like waking up to a dream and you use your new things to get used to them.

Almost New Years:
Expectation: You've been building snow-forts, visiting family, saying endless thank-yous, and relaxing until you ring in the New Year.

Reality: You haven't gotten dressed for a week, probably haven't showered for a few days and are starting to smell like road-kill. Your room looks like an endless pit of dirty clothes, price tags, and boxes. So you decide to actually get ready and then sit on the couch with no where to go.

New Years Eve:
Expectation: You're going to someone's house to celebrate with your friends, play hilarious games, eat tons of food, and kiss that special someone when you see the ball drop on TV in Times Square.

Reality: You chill with some friends and people you just met. As you go into the frigid weather and freeze as you force yourself to have fun when someone asks you to go sledding. Then you overly stuff yourself with food, and choke down some cheap, fake champagne when the clock strikes midnight.

One. More. Day:
Expectation: Any homework that was assigned is finished, new outfit set aside for the return back to school, and you get yourself to bed nice and early for the busy day ahead.

Reality: All you really did for the past 2 days was sit at the computer for hours without end, watch some stupid TV, text some friends, and begin to start bad habits that could get you the name "couch potato". Then you go to bed at midnight and feel like a zombie when you try to wake up in the morning.

All together - The break from school and doing almost nothing everyday, was pretty nice! :)

January 4, 2013

Awesome and Awkward Friday

Following along with my friend Brooke! She wrote she "awesome and awkward post" here!


>>Getting hugs from your friends.
>Grades going up as the semester finishes up
>>Having a mom who will listen to you and give you advice.
>Receiving the sweetest emails from bloggy friends
>>My hair - I just love the new cut. It's so fresh!
>Buying new music on iTunes because your awesome dad got you a gift card!
>>Reliving memories
>Being able to drive all by myself
>>Pictures to capture those moments
>>The beautiful snow


>Sitting in class and you see your friend through the window in the door, so you wave. Then the teacher sees you, stops talking, makes a confused face, and the whole class laughs.

>>Sitting in class as the teacher is explaining something new. Then, you're used as an example and everyone in the class looks at you.

>Your friend tells you something suuupppeeerrrrr funny and you start laughing hysterically. Nobody else knows what's going on, so they just stare at you as you turn as red as a tomato and gasp for air...and continue to laugh some more.

>>When your walking down the hall and you see someone you kinda know but not really...so you just awkwardly make eye contact like 3 times until you pass each other.

>>Talking to a good guy friend of yours and then the gym teacher says "hey lovebirds let's play the game."

Hope your Friday was fabulous!

January 2, 2013

New Year {2013}

a new year.
a  new start.
with new challenges.
new trials.
new joys.
new adventures.
new memories.
new hopes.
new dreams.

Welcome 2013!