December 27, 2014

Missing Pieces

I haven't been totally dedicated to blogging this year and fortunately I'm really thankful for that. Being able to enjoy life and every moment has been a joy, and 2014 has been a blast to document no matter how much I've missed.

But I'm just going to post a little on some of the most exciting things of my life that haven't made it to the blog yet. So here we go...

November 2014 

In the beginning of November I turned 18! Every kid thinks of their 18th birthday - It's one of the biggest birthdays you'll ever have and you think it's sooooo far away. My 18th birthday was very special and I was blessed to have family and friends to celebrate with that day. Through these 18 years, the Lord has blessed me incredibly and I couldn't thank Him enough for the beautiful life he's given me and the beautiful people he's put in it as well.

Earlier that same day, on my birthday, a special letter came in the mail for me. And in just perfect timing, I read that letter that accepted me into my dream college! I've wanted to go to this college since I was a little girl and as I researched it since junior year, I knew it was the place for me. Ever since I was little I've had a love for teaching/leading others and from the young age of  9, God gave me a calling to become an elementary teacher. So I'm happy to announce that in the beginning of Fall 2015, I'll be attending UNW to major in Elementary Education!

I'm so so excited to become an eagle next Fall and begin the next chapter of my life as an "official adult". ;) Still working out some little details but I'm also looking forward to graduating in May to start another journey. It's crazy how time flies - Soon this will be a reality.

Next I'm here to share a few senior pictures with you all! 

More to come - xoxo, Michlyn

December 13, 2014

Volleyball 2014 Recap

Ok everyone...I'm officially done with high school volleyball. The last week of October ended my last season. Senior volleyball season has by far been my favorite and most memorable season ever! This year, we had a whole new coaching staff for all teams and that was such a blast. What our coach taught us is incredible and she did such a phenomenal job of turning our game around.

It was my second year being a captain for these girls and I loved every bit of it. My co-captains were Hannah and Monica and it was such a blast leading the team with them this past season. Since Monica and I are both seniors, I'm super pumped to see Hannah continue to lead the team next year.

Some high lights of our season include:
Second place in tournament #1
FIRST PLACE TROPHY from tournament #2
3-5 in conference record
Finishing with .500 or above from the whole season
2 of our players made the all-conference team (My teammate Annelise & I)

I could go on and on about my last season playing for the panthers. I'm ecstatic to see how far the girls will go next year and for the years to come! We played our hardest girls...proud of each and everyone of you! Now for the pictures...

Captains :)

The first trophy the volleyball team has won in years...Such a proud moment! First place!

Seniors - Love these girls :)

Oh I would do anything to go back to this moment!

Senior Night



October 12, 2014

Homecoming Queen {2014}

It's my senior year guys...You have to go all out for senior year! Whether it's helping the freshmen, making a fool of yourself, being a role model, or dancing crazy...Just have a blast and make some memories you won't forget! In this case, all of the above happened at our annual Homecoming Dance.

This year it was a Sadie Hawkins theme, which means the girls ask the guys to the dance. Of course you don't have to go with a date (like me) and it's still a blast. The senior guys (some of my best friends) all went to the local thrift store, bought some crazy stuff, and came to the dance all ready to have some fun. :) Otherwise, the dress code was "country" or "casual".

I have never been to the Homecoming dance before...It was my first and last homecoming dance and this year I was nominated with 2 other girls and 3 guys from the senior class, for homecoming royalty.

Twice a year we have secondary (9th-12th gr) dances, not including PROM. And every dance we nominate 3 guys and 3 girls from each grade for royalty. For homecoming, they just do the seniors and it was such a blast! They announce us at the pepfest and we get to play a little game in the gym, in front of the whole secondary side. (7th-12th gr. including teachers)

Varsity captains announcing the boys soccer team

Me and co-captain Hannah (#6) announcing the varsity volleyball team...Our girls like to have fun :)

Senior girl royalty nominees

The pepfest is 30 mins and then school is dismissed. That night, our school hosts the Homecoming Dance and that starts at 7pm. As everyone comes to the door, they vote for 1 guy and 1 girl from the senior nominees to become homecoming king and queen. Coronation starts at 7:45pm...

Left to Right: Kevin, me, Ryan, Emma, Cam, & Megan (yes she has a slushie)

Drum roll please......................................

Kevin was crowned king and I was crowned queen :) 

It was such a fun night and we made lots of memories! Senior year has been a whirlwind of never ending fun and craziness and I'm loving every bit of it. Just to top it off, here are a few more fun pictures from Homecoming night.
 Crazy senior/junior boys :)
 Alumni friends came and danced with us that night

 My volleyball girls
We are fabulous!

September 21, 2014

Instagram {Rewind to Summer}

Main stream instagram rewind post today :) These are so fun because it makes me remember all the memories I've made, just by looking at a few pictures. I hope you enjoy these posts as much as me!

You can always follow along by clicking the link in my sidebar or finding me at michlynk_fisher

Summer baseball games// first summer selfie// cheering our baseball boys on// applied for PSEO college classes//
Summer driving adventures with my sister// summer car selfie with Beka// sister got her license// 4th of July// reading//
Throwback for bff's birthday// volleyball captains practices// summer selfie #2// more reading// babysitting my fave kiddos//
First volleyball game team selfie// beautiful early morning// the college life// Homecoming//
Happy Sunday everyone!

September 19, 2014

Volleyball {so far}

I thought I'd do a quick post on my volleyball team/season so far. This year we got a new coach and she's amazing. She's taught us so much and we're really blessed to have her skills and knowledge coaching us everyday. So far our conference record is 2-1 and we got second place in our first tournament of the year!

These girls are my best friends and I'm so excited to see how far we will go this season! 


September 18, 2014

Liar, Liar

Oh boy, where do I begin? :) I always say "I'm coming back guys, don't worry" "I'm going to start blogging more again". Haha well if those aren't lies then I don't know what is.

My life is always busy, there's no doubt about it. Friends, family, church, volleyball, school, work...The list goes on and on. Thought I'd do a little catch up on my life since I've got some actual free time today!

School - This year I started my first year of college classes. I'm doing PSEO (Post Secondary Education Option) through my high school. Which means I'm still in high school but I'm also getting free college credits at the same time. My sister did PSEO with me this year and we have a lot of friends from school doing the same thing, so it's been really fun and a little more flexible. I'm also a senior in high school, which means I'm making the most of everything I can. :) Senior trip, school dances, sports games, etc...It's been a blast so far!

Work - I only work weekends because I have school and play a sport as well. So once volleyball is over, I'll get back to working more and making a little more $$$. I love my job and everyone I work with is really nice and fun. Really blessed to have an opportunity to work there :)

Volleyball - I am one of the captains on our varsity volleyball team this year. I have the pleasure of sharing the "title" of captain with 2 other really great girls and our small varsity team of 11 girls always knows how to make me so so proud in all that they do! They always make me laugh on my worst days and we're like one big group of sisters. :) I'm sad that it's my last season with these girls, but I know God has great plans for all of us in the future.

Summer went by way too fast and senior year is in full swing as we're already at Homecoming Weekend! I'll be posting some catch up posts on summer and scheduling some posts on my life currently, so get ready for those. Thank you to everyone who still stops by and reads about my life and leaves sweet comments. You guys keep me going!


July 27, 2014

Challenge 2014

This year, my sister Erin and I went on a trip with our youth group to Kansas City, Missouri for a week. It was amazing, life changing, stretching, and moving. I loved every bit of the trip and seeing how God used everybody to do His work and to reach others about his love and mercy.

5,300 + teenagers
1,000 + leaders / youth pastors
39 states + singapore & austraila
7 fantastic speakers
2 incredible bands
vans, buses, and planes

...and we all came together to serve our amazing Jesus, learn about his restoration, reach the community of Kansas City, worship Him with our praise, and come together as the body of Christ to His work. I can't begin to describe this trip to you...It was a "had to be there experience". We did service work like painting houses, picking up trash, and landscaping. We met new people from different states and exchanged jokes about accents from Minnesota, Nebraska, and Texas. :) It was an unforgettable trip because it involves unique opportunities that you can only experience at the Challenge Conference. It's an unbelievable time.

So instead of me continuing to blabber on about it, here's some pictures for you to look at and see if you can gather why you must get yourself to a Challenge conference before you graduate high school. The next one is in Louisville, Kentucky in July of 2016 so make sure you talk to your youth pastor and get you & your youth group there. You won't regret it.

Service projects, playing card games, late night girl talk in our hotel rooms, j-walking because we're too impatient for crosswalk lights, worshiping Jesus with an Irish band, learning new songs with a band from our home state (MN proud), taking too many pictures, swimming, doing prayer walks around the city in 102F heat, meeting new friends, tweeting #ChallengeKC 5 times a day, long bus ride memories, growing more in my faith, and learning more about my restoration in Christ...would not even sum up Challenge but it's close enough. :)

Our youth group also stopped at Adventure Land in Des Moines, Iowa for some amusement park fun after a crazy week and it was awesome!

We serve one amazing God and I'm so excited to travel to Louisville in 2016 as Challenge staff!

Live the story. Tell the story.


July 24, 2014


I love my brothers.

They do everything together.

Play, paint, fight, build, learn, and imagine.

They get along so well. (most of the time)

They make us laugh and are each other's best friends.

I can't imagine my life without my crazy little bros.

...who are actually not so little anymore.


July 22, 2014

Stopping By

Hey everyone,

I know I haven't been around here this summer, but I'm coming back! Life has been crazy and messy and chaotic but in the midst of all that, I've really missed writing. Blogging, especially, is a stress reliever for me because it's something I love to do, it passes time, and it's fun. Plus I have all you wonderful followers who take the time to read and skim through my little blog. :)

What have I been up to? Keeping myself busy as always, there's never too many dull moments in my life. I've been working a lot, babysitting, getting back into shape for volleyball, going to the beach, playing volleyball, drinking too much coffee, had my senior pictures taken, having youth group bonfires, and spending time at home with my family.

Here's a sneak peak of my senior pics - Look around the blog, there's a few more
All pictures belong to Bees Knees Photography - Please don't copyright or steal them. 

This summer hasn't been too crazy and there's still some things I need to do before it's over! I can't believe August is only 10 days away...Time slips away too fast. I recently took a trip to Kansas City with my youth group and that was incredible! (post on that really soon) Still need to do the annual trip to Valleyfair, have a couple more bonfires, and definitely go to the beach more. Unfortunately, where I live, it's not as hot and sunny as I'd like it to be in the summer but when the sun does come out, the beach is a must.

Ok well that's all for now...I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Get outside, don't scroll through twitter or facebook for very long ;)

Have a fabulous day!

June 3, 2014

Summer 2014

Hi everyone! I know I've been slacking a little in the blogging world, but I'm back :) 12 days ago, summer offcially started!

It blows my mind that Summer 2014 is actually here...Junior year was one of the fastest, most memorable, and craziest years ever! I'm so incredibly blessed by everything and everyone that is in my life.

So here's a little traditional Instagram Rewind to start my summer of blogging :)

Main stream selfie sunday// My sister Erin & I on Easter// Me and my crazy him//
Throwback with my sweet momma for Mother's Day// Selfie #2// Last day of school pictures// The best friend//
Another best friend graduating this year// Starting summer off right with a Caribou smoothie// first summer baseball game w/ the girls


May 9, 2014

~PROM 2014~

Last Saturday on May 3rd, 2014 - me, my sister, and one of our best friends (Katelynn) plus our dates...went to PROM!

It was so much fun! For Katelynn and I it was our Junior prom and for my sister Erin it was her Sophomore prom.

The day before we got our nails done, the morning of prom we got our hair done and then did our own makeup, and then the guys came to our house to pick us up. We took soooo many pictures, and it did get kind of tiring but we do want to remember somethings from high school. :)

The guys picked us up at about 1:45pm and then we took pictures at our house, then went to a baseball field near school, next we went to a park that was also near a pond and a bridge, and then it was off to school for grand march at 4:00pm. (Yes we took that many pictures)

At school we had some professional pictures taken before grand march, then waited for all the couples to get announced, and then our group of 6 headed to the river boat for the night :) We had dinner and danced all night long...well at least until 11:00pm. After prom and having the guys drive us back home, we didn't get to bed until 2:00am. Many memories were made and we can't wait for next year to be even better!


April 24, 2014

One Reason.

In the last month I have applied to three different places for a part time job. Some place where I will enjoy working, the people around me, and that has a flexible work schedule so I can balance it with school.

I got a call last week from a retail store about 20 minutes from my house that was interested in interviewing me for a job. I was so excited! So I called back and scheduled an interview for last Friday. The interview was with a group of about 5 other people and we all had a chance to answer some basic questions. Next, we filled out some paperwork and then were sent home about an hour later.

Today I heard back from them and got offered a job! I accepted and am so excited to start working there! Orientation is next week and then I will begin soon after that :) So thankful for this oppurtunity and that I am seen as a capable and good person for their company.

One reason to be happy today.

April 13, 2014

Just Checkin' In

Hi everyone!

Wow, I'm really good at abandoning my blog. ;) Life has been exciting, stressful, and hectic lately. School projects and papers and speeches and more projects have all been due in the last 2 weeks, and it's been very stressful. Glad that this week will be the last one, where numerous assignments are due.

I do have some exciting news though...I got into the PSEO program at my school. So next year I'll be taking college classes at a community college not too far away. My sister Erin and I both took our placement tests, and now we're just waiting for our acceptance letters. We're excited to be able to get free college credits and still see our friends from school. :)

I got asked to PROM! My friends and I all went to watch some of our other friends play a co-ed soccer game and that was really fun to watch. Then we all went out to eat afterwards and as we were leaving and walking to our cars, I noticed that there was something in my car. So, I opened the door and there was sign...I read it and realized I was actually going to prom. My good friend Karr was right next to me and as soon as I finished reading the poster, I turned to him and he asked me to go with him to prom! :) I'm so so excited, and it's only 3 weeks away!

Otherwise there isn't too much happening. Just staying busy with school, constantly looking online for my dress, running (yay the weather has been beautiful), and counting down the days until summer. :) Thanks for following along to my crazy life!