August 27, 2013

One Last Night

On Saturday night I got together with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. People who make me laugh, who I have inside jokes with, who accept me for me, and who make my "hilarious tab" in life way more full. It was our last night of summer...sitting together cracking jokes, sharing memories, and hanging out. We played night games and I'm sorry but they are the best with these people. "Flashlight Tag" and "Capture the Glowstick". Chowing down on chips and chugging Mt. Dew. (Which I dislike mt. dew and they all think that's weird, but oh well) We're a pretty crazy group but The Posse enjoyed one last night together before we all went to new schools or back to our charter school. One last night that wrapped up the whole summer. One last night of freedom.


August 22, 2013

Valleyfair 2013

So here in my wonderful (yet crazy weather) state, we have an amusement park & it's called Valleyfair!!!

I've been going ever since I was probably 5 years old...from the Frog Hop to the Wild Thing, I treasure some of my favorite memories from this great and thrilling place. Both of my parents love roller coasters and I appropriately gained that gene. :)

And being the extra awesome parents they are - They got our church's 15 passenger van, packed a picnic, and took my sister Erin, me, and 8 of our friends this past Saturday for 12 whole hours at Valleyfair!

There are usually 5 guys and 5 girls, but when there are 2 groups of sisters we out-number the guys. :) And one of the guys is missing because he was camping with his family. But it was still such a fun day!

We are no ordinary bunch of friends. We entertain each other, can talk forever, tease each other, and laugh until our heads are ready to explode. We have inside jokes and all get along. My life would be so boring without these friends. The Posse! 

This day was perfect. The weather was great, we rode the Wild Thing over 10 times, took ridiculous pictures, ate too much, and walked around until 10 o'clock at night. And from the caption above, yes, we have named ourselves "The Posse" because that seemed to suit us the best.


August 15, 2013

Two Years of Small Town Girl

Can you believe it? 6 days ago, it marked 2 years since I sat down and decided to start my own blog. With not much experience and a small spark of interest in design...I put this blog together and appropriately named it 'Small Town Girl'.

I've gone from no followers to 57 followers! 57 people who actually take the time to read and care about my life. Whether it's the trials, fun adventures, or crazy photoshoots - you guys leave comments that make my day. I know it sounds cliche, but it's so fun to hear from new people who follow along and I love how they can become some of your greatest friends!

This blog is my happy place. I feel content and comfortable writing down every bit of my life here. I can't wait to see this blog grow and I'm even more excited to keep posting my adventures! Happy 2nd Blogiversary!


August 10, 2013

At the Moment

I've been a little busy with being a crew leader at VBS, working, scrolling pinterest, volleyball, and sucking every great moment until summer is over. :(

So I thought I would update until I have my next photoshoot or event.

1. Wearing - sweats & a t-shirt

2. Eating - crackers

3. Listening to - True Love by Pink

4. Drinking - Water

5. Needing - to get one more good tan before school starts

6. Feeling - Sore & tired but I'm happy :)

7. Thinking of - my friends that I miss so much & can't wait to see again!

8. Weather - Cool & partly sunny

9. Doing - Relaxing all day until I have to babysit late tonight

10. Wanting - to get somethings checked off my to-do list

11. Enjoying - How busy I've been! Want to pack in as many things as possible for the rest of the summer!

Have you been busy this summer? Anyone else dreading school?

August 7, 2013

Inspiring the Cute (1)

I'm linking up with Sierra from Keep Growing Beautiful today! I really think her blog is adorable & these are some of my favorite posts that I look forward to each week.

If you want to link up too or share some love for Sierra - hop on over to her blog!