December 27, 2014

Missing Pieces

I haven't been totally dedicated to blogging this year and fortunately I'm really thankful for that. Being able to enjoy life and every moment has been a joy, and 2014 has been a blast to document no matter how much I've missed.

But I'm just going to post a little on some of the most exciting things of my life that haven't made it to the blog yet. So here we go...

November 2014 

In the beginning of November I turned 18! Every kid thinks of their 18th birthday - It's one of the biggest birthdays you'll ever have and you think it's sooooo far away. My 18th birthday was very special and I was blessed to have family and friends to celebrate with that day. Through these 18 years, the Lord has blessed me incredibly and I couldn't thank Him enough for the beautiful life he's given me and the beautiful people he's put in it as well.

Earlier that same day, on my birthday, a special letter came in the mail for me. And in just perfect timing, I read that letter that accepted me into my dream college! I've wanted to go to this college since I was a little girl and as I researched it since junior year, I knew it was the place for me. Ever since I was little I've had a love for teaching/leading others and from the young age of  9, God gave me a calling to become an elementary teacher. So I'm happy to announce that in the beginning of Fall 2015, I'll be attending UNW to major in Elementary Education!

I'm so so excited to become an eagle next Fall and begin the next chapter of my life as an "official adult". ;) Still working out some little details but I'm also looking forward to graduating in May to start another journey. It's crazy how time flies - Soon this will be a reality.

Next I'm here to share a few senior pictures with you all! 

More to come - xoxo, Michlyn

December 13, 2014

Volleyball 2014 Recap

Ok everyone...I'm officially done with high school volleyball. The last week of October ended my last season. Senior volleyball season has by far been my favorite and most memorable season ever! This year, we had a whole new coaching staff for all teams and that was such a blast. What our coach taught us is incredible and she did such a phenomenal job of turning our game around.

It was my second year being a captain for these girls and I loved every bit of it. My co-captains were Hannah and Monica and it was such a blast leading the team with them this past season. Since Monica and I are both seniors, I'm super pumped to see Hannah continue to lead the team next year.

Some high lights of our season include:
Second place in tournament #1
FIRST PLACE TROPHY from tournament #2
3-5 in conference record
Finishing with .500 or above from the whole season
2 of our players made the all-conference team (My teammate Annelise & I)

I could go on and on about my last season playing for the panthers. I'm ecstatic to see how far the girls will go next year and for the years to come! We played our hardest girls...proud of each and everyone of you! Now for the pictures...

Captains :)

The first trophy the volleyball team has won in years...Such a proud moment! First place!

Seniors - Love these girls :)

Oh I would do anything to go back to this moment!

Senior Night