Small Town Girl

Hey there, I’m Michlyn! If you were wondering, it’s pronounced “mikelynn”. I’m 20 years old, a college junior, a small town girl, and this is my blog.

I lived in the same small town for eighteen years of my life. There grew up to become the person I am today. I'm the oldest in my family of seven. Mom, dad, 5 kids, and our energetic puppy. In just four square miles we managed to live in 4 different homes until we found our cozy place on 3 acres of land. Then this small town girl moved to the big city to pursue her teaching degree at a private university.

The town I grew up in consisted of just five thousand people. There you’ll find two local pizza places, seven churches, three schools, a few gas stations where I liked to buy my weight in junk food on Friday nights, a couple dirt roads, an ice cream parlor, and a coffee shop. If you follow the local highway and close your eyes for too long, you’ll pass us without even knowing it.

Located in the Midwest, we have brutal winters and summers that don’t last long enough. When we go back to school it’s freezing in the morning and hot in the afternoon. So in the summer you’ll find me biking, driving with the windows down, rollerblading, going to baseball games, soaking up the sun at the beach, and running to convince myself I'm in shape.

In the winter you’ll find me reading, bowling, trying to keep my car out of the ditch, playing games with my siblings, snowmobiling, and ice skating with my college friends.

My passions in life are taking too many pictures, teaching, laughing, drinking coffee, shopping with my momma, having deep conversations, going to church, being a big sister, going on long drives with my dad, and writing.

This blog has been my own little world for over five years. I write about my life, my passions, my family & friends, and sometimes just to rant a little bit. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like it here.



Anonymous said...

Hey...I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog!!!:)

Ireland said...

Oh I love this about you! We seem alike in so many ways! :) I love your blog and your name is awesome!!! :)

Kennedy said...

You are so pretty!

Malory said...

Neat blog! ;)

Jess Ann said...

Haha so i left that other comment 3 years ago! :P I promise i don't stalk you every three years-I just clicked on your blog from Brooke's . :) But i love small towns!!! I live in the country but a couple miles over the field is my small town of maybeee 2,000 people. :)