August 31, 2012

School Year is Here

I started school on Monday.

I was excited to see my friends & get the day over with.

You see... on the first day, all we do is go over information & rules.

In every. single. class.

So that was a little boring & hard to get through.

I have 3 new teachers. They are all really nice & fun.

My favorite class is Biology. I have a locker right next to my sister.

My classes are all pretty fun. Besides Geography...boorrriinnggg.

We're 1 week down. A 4 day weekend. And 150 + days to go.

2012-2013 school year, here I come!


August 25, 2012

I Got Tagged!

Thank you Brooke, for tagging me!

The Rules:
1. You must post 11 facts about yourself
2. You must also answer the 11 questions that the person who awarded you has given you, and create 11 questions for the the people you awarto answer in turn.
3. Tag 11 fellow bloggers.
4. Notify them that you’ve awarded them.
5. No tagging back.
6. The 11 blogs that you tag must have less than 200 followers.

11 Facts about me:
1. I don't like the flavor orange...blech
2. I LOVE back-to-school shopping
3. I'll get my drivers license this Fall
4. I REALLY want a nice camera (I use my mom's)
5. I'm unique & some people think I'm a bit weird...but that's ok!
6. Fall is my favorite season
7. I have a Pinterest obsession
8. I love all things BLUE
9. I want to be an elementary teacher
10. I have a baby sister in heaven
11. I love to read romance/fiction novels

The 11 questions: 
1. What is your favorite genre of music? -- All kinds
2. Animal hater or lover? -- Animal lover
3. Would you rather be in front or behind the camera? -- Both
4. Do you edit your photos? -- Yes! I love editing pictures
5. Are you a germ freak? -- Nope
6. Are you pessimistic or optimistic? -- Optimistic
7. Do you like taking care of children? -- Yes! I love, love, love kids
8. Have you started school already? -- No... soon.
9. Are you happy or sad about school starting? -- Happy! School for 9 months? NOT happy
10. Are you crafty? -- Not really...  unless I have incredible motivation one day
11. Did you like doing this tag? -- It's ok

My 11 questions for you:
1. What is your favorite color?
2. Do you like to read?
3. Are you home-schooled or do you attend school in a building?
4. How many siblings do you have?
5. Are you a dreamer or a doer? 
6. More friends around the web or offline?
7. What would you do with a million dollars?
8. What is one place, you are dying to visit?
9. Would you rather wear your hair up or down?
10. What is your favorite hobby?
11. Do you have glasses/contacts?

It's random & it's fun!

Have fun, and I can't wait to read your posts!

August 24, 2012


This is my 200th post!

I've been writing & sharing about my crazy life with you for a year, and this is my 200th post! I love writing! Sometimes I need to vent. Sometimes I need encouragement. Sometimes I just want to have fun. These are some expressions that show in my posts on my little ole' blog.

Some sad

Some hopeful

Some kind

Some encouraging

Some desperate

Some exciting

Some boring

Some fun

You've all been so encouraging and kind! I just love hearing from my followers, friends, and strangers alike! :) Here's to another hopeful 200 posts down the road...


August 22, 2012

Photo Challenge Winners!

You all did such a fantastic job in my Photo Challenge! It was my first one, and I got 9 entries! about pressure! :)

Did you miss yesterday's post, about the finalists? Just scroll down, and take a look! I featured all the entries, so go ahead and see the awesome photos!

Ok, so now it's the real thing... I have 3 winners for this Photo Challenge. Each winner will get a brand new blog design by me! (or other prize if they choose) Here we go!


The first place winner is.....


The second place winner is....

The third place winner is.....


Congrats girls! You all did a fantastic job at how you focused your pictures, the color contrast, and the overall feel of  your pictures! :)

You 3 won a new blog design! Email me ( for more information or if you want a different prize! 


August 21, 2012

Photo Challenge Finalists!

The moment most of you have been waiting for! The Finalists from my Photo Challenge!

From Lindy Joy!

From Brooke!

From Hannah!

From Priya!

From Jess!

Those are your 5 finalists! Awesome job girls!

Honorable mentions:

This photo was taken by: Rachel
This photo was taken by: Brittany

This photo was taken by: Jessica

This photo was taken by: The R.A.D. Group

Thanks girls for entering!

Ok followers, whether you entered or not... let's comment below and show the girls some love! They all did such a great job!

P.S. Come back tomorrow to see the winners!!!!

August 20, 2012


I have been enjoying my last bits of Summer around the house. I also started volleyball practice last week, so I will definitely post about that, probably once school gets started. :)

Helping braid my littlest sister's hair 

Chinese food for dinner

Playing "Where's My Water?"... makes you think. I like games like that

Doing my own hair :)

What have you been up to?

August 18, 2012

New Deadline & Update


Hey bloggers! I am so excited about the response I got from my Photo Challenge. You all are great at photography & your entries are fantastic!

In order to get my winners hooked up with a brand new blog design, I need the deadline to be sooner. Since I'll be heading back to school next week!

So the new deadline is: Monday, August 20th!
I'll be reminding people who want to enter and haven't yet about this new deadline. If anyone else would like to, then just update your blog post about it. :)

A little update:

I'll be picking 5 finalist, and 3 winners! I just had to switch it up, since there is no way I could pick between just one picture! Each winner will get a new blog design! (if they choose; or other prize) The 2 finalist that don't make it into the top, will get a special mention about their blogs (including their pictures) right here! And everyone's picture will be featured on my blog. :)

Thank you!!!

August 15, 2012

*Update* Photo Challenge

Did I mention there was a prize?!?!

I didn't?! 

Oh well... then you're all in for a treat!

The prize of my first time ever Photo Challenge on Small Town Girl will be...

*drum roll please*

A blog design by yours truly! :)

Thinking you need some sprucing up? I can find the right stuff to make your blog look perfect! And if you don't want a new blog design, then we'll come up with a different prize.

Keep the entries coming! 

Photo Challenge

I'm doing my first photo challenge! I've been thinking about this a lot and I'm really excited to see all your entries!

The topic: Flowers

Ok, here are my rules:
1. 1 entry per person
2. Editing is allowed
3. It has to be from this summer
4. Post the picture on your blog, and put my link in your post. Then comment on this post with the URL to your blog, so I can enter you. (encourage your followers to enter too!)
5. If you don't have a blog, then simply email me your picture at: with the subject: Photo Challenge.
6. The deadline is the 22nd.
7. Be creative and have fun!!

Here are an example, that I took recently:

Good luck!!

August 14, 2012

All Things Stylish I'm Loving on Pinterest

These posts don't do the justice for all the amazing clothes, accessories, and jewelry found on Pinterest.  So here's an overload of stylish pins that I'm loving!

What was your favorite?

August 9, 2012

My Blog - 1 year ago

August 2011

One year ago... My little blog came alive. I wrote this post as a quick introduction. I became a blogger in that one moment... opening a whole new world.

I've met some amazing and sweet people. I started following some very inspirational blogs. I love writing about my life's adventures. I feel comfortable writing my feelings because my blog is a different place. 

I share my little world with 16 awesome followers, and the internet who has yet to discover my blog. I've come a long way this year, and my blog has changed a lot. The design, the focus, & and even what my blog means. What it means to me, and what it should mean to my readers.

Now 1 year later, I'm near 200 posts, I've got 16 followers, and a new mind set. I plan to blog for as long as I can. Be prepared when a new blog design comes this way! Plus, a few more surprises.
August 2012
I want to thank you all! You've supported me, helped me reach more people, and have become great friends. I can't wait to see what this next year brings for me & my blog!

August 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

August 3, 2012

A Book Day

Today is a cozy, stay home, & read a book kind of day. Where I can stay in the comfort of my house, with my make-up off, and my hair not done.

I recently went to the library to pick up a book, I've been WAITING to get. It's a Trilogy, so it's a series of 3 books.
So that's what I'm up to today! What are your plans?


August 1, 2012