October 31, 2012

October 29, 2012


Woah!! It's a Monday and I'm actually posting. :)

What I've been up to lately...

THANK YOU all so much for your amazing comments on my blog! <3 It makes me feel special, and I just love getting comments from anyone who enjoyed something I wrote.

So I'm completely broke, and that means no new music from iTunes. Sad day. Maybe I'll get a gift card for my birthday. I've been stalking youtube and replaying and replaying Taylor Swift's new song "22"!! I love it!

A couple more followers have joined my little blog world - You are the best! 50 FOLLOWER Giveway?!?! We'll see....

Volleyball is over :( :( :( (exactly why I am posting tonight) It was one of the best seasons of my life! I hadn't played in 2 years, and I just LOVED playing for my small charter school! More on this soon, because our banquet is coming up and then I'll take lots of pictures :)

[I'm in the white jersey - Why am I different color, you ask? Because I only play in the backrow. I'm a player you call the LIBERO. :) ]

Haha. This summer in New Orleans


so cute


Happy Fall! Talk to you soon! Another busy week, including mid-semester conferences.


October 27, 2012

Tutorial: Beautiful Nails

I've decided to do a tutorial.... With lots of pictures, because it's more fun that way! I mentioned in my post, earlier that I'm a nail biter. They are short, and not pretty. I have gotten my nails done professionally...twice actually. I'm just gonna say that it's not the way to go. They file the coat of your nail, that it becomes so weak. Then of course you're also paying $25+ for nails that will last 3 weeks if you're lucky.

I taught myself to do this, because I've been buying those cheap fake nails at Target & Claire's ever since I was 11. You know when you see those gorgeous nails on Pinterest? You say "I just wish I was talented enough to do that." or "My nails are not long enough to do this."


I know right?! AMAZING! I'm going to show you how to make your not-so-great nails, into beautiful nails!

I found these about a year ago [at Target]. I wondered, what on earth would you do with these. So I bought them and brainstormed. My "nail-world" has been changed ever since! :)

Find everything you need, and then take any excess or old nail polish off of your finger nails.

Second, use a file and go over the top coat of your nails. They will feel rough, and have white sandy flakes. Don't rub them off once you're done, just leave them. Also push your cuticles down so the glue doesn't stick to them.

Next, find all of the right size nails. Make sure each one fits just right! You don't want it over lapping skin or being too small. Apply the glue just to the bottom of the nail, and press down. The glue should spread across your whole nail. (Be careful, this glue is very strong. I would know from experience... :) too many fingers stuck together)

Once you have all of your fake nails glued securely on, you can move onto the next part. I would wait and let your nails sit for just a couple minutes.
Use a small/thin scissors and cut the rounded tip of the nails. You don't want to use big scissors or school scissors because those could pop the nail right off.

Lastly, use the file again and shape all of the nails to your liking. After your nails are shaped, go ahead and pick your fave color of nail polish. It's your choice if you want to add a clear top coat or not.


Hope it helped! Have a nail-tastic day!

I'm NOT Perfect.

Being a blogger can be hard. And fun. And interesting. I think sometimes there are times when you're looked at differently. People read about all your moments and think "gosh, she sounds like she has a perfect life." "she's flawless." "I wish I could be her."

Being yourself is so important. That's why my blog changes so often. That's why I barely do photo contests or awards. I feel like you shouldn't be pressured or burdened to make sure your blog pleases others.

I know some people like to show off their photography and college life and their family moments. That's awesome. I love looking at blogs like that. I blog about that stuff too. You have to realize though that they should do it for themselves not you.

Now, I'm not perfect........

My hair can just get plain yucky. I may want to rip it out of my head some days.

My skin is far from flawless. I get zits. Boy do I get them. Scars even.

I don't have rock hard abs. I'm athletic yes, but I don't have a flat stomach. (Confession: I've been self-conscious about my stomach ever since I was probably 13.)

My clothes are not from hollywood. Or the best teen stores around. I might just throw together an outfit. Some days I might just wear my worst jeans and a sweatshirt, and say "this is as good as it's gonna get."

My nails are horrible. Nail biter. Sorry, but I have been ever since I was like 3. So if you ever see an awesome picture of my nails... Ha they're fake. :)

I go through so much drama. High school is ridiculous. I would only change some things because of the drama, but I love it!! Not drama; school. And my friends.

I have friends that are mean/rude to other people I like. It really bothers me, and sometimes I have to stand up for that person. Gossiping is not the way to go. Sometimes they'll start taking about who's the richest (has the most money) at our lunch table. I know. I know.

I used to feel like I had to please others who read my blog. Almost like I had to ask them what to write about. If there is anything I've learn(ed/ing).... Write to your heart's content. About anything. Your family's picnic. Your make-up on Friday. Your favorite song. Your friends jerk ex-boyfriend. A funny quote you read. Anything... And rate it as perfect in your book. Not someone elses.


P.S. Where's this girl you say?? Well... She's right here:

October 26, 2012

Photo Shoot Inspiration

I've mentioned lately that I reeeaaalllyyyy want to do a photo shoot. But first I need to get a memory card or figure something out on my friend's camera so it doesn't turn out blurry.

Some blogs I've looked at lately have been doing such beautiful photo shoots, and I am jealous. :) Oh and can I say it snowed today?! Yeah. It did. For a few hours, but just barely and it all melted. Besides avoiding the cold weather, I'm dying to take some pictures.

So here's some photo shoots I'm loving and ideas I really want to use!

Close up of half her face - focus on the eye... SO gorgeous! Credit it to Alexandra Marie

Isn't Brooke just so gorgeous?? I just love her fun ideas & her cute outfits! :) And people she took this herself! 

I don't like the clothing, but I like the car and the background. Credit to Pinterest.

Ahhhh...the light. I would love to have a picture like this. Credit to Pinterest.

Ok that's all.

October 25, 2012

Shall Be


This weekend shall be...

A time of relaxing

Homeworking completing

Braces adjusting

Extra sleeping


Excessive junk food eating

And lots of thinking.

Yes it shall be wonderful!

October 21, 2012

Sunday Instagram

Thought I'd give you a look into my life lately via Instagram.

Scrolling through Pinterest

Homework after volleyball... haha can you tell it was late? I was still in my jersey

Insta-Ramen noodles 

Blogging before bed, in my dark home

Siblings cooperating :)

Glasses (:

Watching some college volleyball...So intense!

I love all my followers! You guys are amazing!

Babysitting <3

My hair...Twist & Side-bun

What have you been up to lately?

October 20, 2012

The Little Things...

Somtimes there are those moments.

When you just sit in the silence or the laughter and think....

My life is great. I don't want anything to change.

Being grateful & happy & feeling beautiful.

It's those little things in life.

Where you need to stop and thank God for.

Maybe it's a shopping date with your mom and you find the perfect pair of jeans.

It could be a night hanging out with friends and you make the best memories.

You could be in school and a teacher doesn't assign homework for the weekend.

Or maybe you're in church and you see that white rose on stage and you realize that's another person for your family in heaven.


October 19, 2012

When Life is Thrown in your Face

I gotta a very thoughtful comment, from one of my beautiful followers about my lack of posting. :) I love hearing comments like that because then I know I'm missed and that my blog is loved... It just makes me smile!

I haven't posted in a while, and have been very busy.

LIFE has been in my way lately... Sometimes I just want to crawl under my covers and sleep the whole day.

Where I can dream about anything perfect and lovely.

Where I can forget that reality is waiting for me when I wake up.

Where I can figure out real life problems in my head.

Where I can dismiss all the drama at school lately.

Just some of those thoughts have kept me away from my blog. I have so much on my mind and with so little time, I can't think of anything to write.

---I've been dying to actually go somewhere other than my backyard and do a photo shoot. I've done a few with my best friend but none of them have turned out...sigh. I need to take a photography class.

---I've been spending a lot of my time on Pinterest lately. Trying new things to my hair and trying crazy facial creams.

---I'm very shopping deprived. I neeeeed to go get some new jeans, and some boots. My only problem is...$$$. I've been completely broke. Oh well. I must be thankful for what I have.

From my world to your world ///

Happy Friday!

October 18, 2012

Pinterest Faves


Can't. Get. Up. TOO. FLUFFY.

cute family shot


In order

Winding Ruffle Boots

Peacock hair..

✮ Baja Sunset

Zipper Bracelets by Hip Zip


FALL...love it!


October 11, 2012

A Busy Week...

Man where does the time go?

Or where does it stay?

I have a 5 day school week. Ugh.

It's been so long, but so short at the same time.

You know those weeks?

Like you're in class and 1 minute seems to be 100 minutes?

But then you get home after practice, with loads of homework, and 11 PM comes way too fast.

Yeah that's basically my life right now.

Wake up early.School.Practice.Eat.Homework.Shower.Go to bed late.Repeat.

Tonight we had our last home game of the season.

AND WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the girls soooo much and we only have 3 games left.

Tomorrow is Friday. Relief after school is over. Bonfire with friends. And volleyball Saturday. YAY!

What's your week been like?


October 5, 2012

Instagram Catch-up

Homemade chocolate chip cookies made by my dad :)

School colors pedicure 

Snake braid that my beautiful and talented friend Megan did!

Chilling in my room after church, and listening to music 

My puppy Hattie 

Tried a snack I saw...peanut butter w/ honey and apples. Thanks Emma Claire!

My beautiful momma still braids our hair :)

My new shoes that I scored on for $10 RED w/ BOWS!!