September 1, 2013

Summer 2013 Said Goodbye

I finished my first week of school yesterday. My school has every other Friday off and thank goodness the first week didn't include a full 5 days. This year it's a little different though.

Usually when the first day of school comes I'm pretty excited. But not this year. I was literally dreading it...D-R-E-A-D-I-N-G it. I can't believe summer went by that fast. And I was not looking forward to going back so soon.

My best friend left the school and started a new school this year. That's been the hardest thing...she doesn't play volleyball with me this year, I don't see her in the halls, I can't sit with her at lunch, and I miss her so much. Her school isn't far away but we're definitely more busy because of our different schedules. Also, half of my grade went PSEO this year. (which means they started taking college classes at a community college nearby)

So you can see why it's been a little more lonely and quiet this year. I'm just so sad that I don't get to sleep in anymore, or have time to sit down and read a book, or see my friends as often, or just a day to chill and do nothing.

Monday started the day that my bed doesn't get made, where the bathroom is extra messy, when my clothes are covering my bedroom floor, homework is completed for hours a night, TV is a privilege, and volleyball is a top priority.

Let's rewind to summer shall we?

chilling with my siblings, holding babies, going to baseball games, captains practices for volleyball, making boardgames, hanging out with friends, home pedicures, the weather, beautiful sunsets, Arizona tea, and checking things off my summer list.



Hannah said...

I know! I can understand how you feel. This year I started my junior year, and every year since 7th grade, I've had like a group of the same kids in my English class. We sort of grew up together. But this year, not one person that was in my English class last year, is in it this year. So I was pretty upset about that, but I think I'll grow to like my classes. :)


Betsy C. said...

Awww Michlyn I'm sorry. I hope you will make new friends this year.

Kennedy said...

I am so sorry about your best friend. That stinks. I just got done with my first week of high school in a school where I knew about 30/3300 kids. :)

Emily Beth said...

a new school year is fun for a while, but the novelty wears off pretty quick :) sounds like you had an amazing summer though, which totally helps!... a little ;)

Michlyn said...

Thanks girls! It's getting better, and volleyball helps my school blues. :) You are all such an encouragement! I did have an amazing summer and I really wish I could go back.