June 3, 2014

Summer 2014

Hi everyone! I know I've been slacking a little in the blogging world, but I'm back :) 12 days ago, summer offcially started!

It blows my mind that Summer 2014 is actually here...Junior year was one of the fastest, most memorable, and craziest years ever! I'm so incredibly blessed by everything and everyone that is in my life.

So here's a little traditional Instagram Rewind to start my summer of blogging :)

Main stream selfie sunday// My sister Erin & I on Easter// Me and my crazy dad...love him//
Throwback with my sweet momma for Mother's Day// Selfie #2// Last day of school pictures// The best friend//
Another best friend graduating this year// Starting summer off right with a Caribou smoothie// first summer baseball game w/ the girls


1 comment:

Tashia said...

I always enjoy seeing pictures! Looks like a fun start to Summer! :)