January 10, 2017

Love Letter.

You never really expected it to happen. Your heart was broken, but you kept your chin up and put a fake smile on your face for months. You spent an entire summer trying to get over him. You thought you did it and congratulated yourself. You didn't need a guy, or anyone really, to make you happy. You felt put back together - heart and everything. Your face presented a genuine smile again. And then sometimes people are put back into your life. Everything is ok again. There's closure and forgiveness and laughter. But those moments come back. Those eyes look at you like they used to and those butterflies, that you thought you'd never feel again, return. And slowly but surely - maybe even subconsciously, you fall again. Into trustworthy arms, into a lonely bed, into a confused mind, and back into love. You never thought it was possible last summer when you cried in your car or at the sound of a song. But that person hasn't really changed and you think maybe you're stuck again. With a fake smile and a hurting heart. But maybe just maybe this time you've fallen a little deeper. Not harder, but deeper. Fallen in love with yourself too much to let that boy ruin your heart. again. So maybe this time you'll just love quietly and genuinely until there's another time or maybe another person that says it's ok to love out loud. Because you never thought this would happen again or that you would even feel again at all. But this time it's different and maybe this quiet love is exactly what your mended heart needs.


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Brittany said...

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.