October 27, 2011

School Update

Hey everyone! It's only been about 4 days since my last update, so I think I'm ok! :)

Thought I'd update you on school for now; it's been a while since I've talked about school.

Anyway the homework is sometimes overwhelming. Some days I feel defeated and think I have no clue. (haha I've realized that most of those answers are in the text book.)

My friends are amazing! The people are average, the girls are super nice, and the boys... well I'll just say that they will always be boys. the end. Of course I haven't met everyone yet (obviously) and so I'm sure I'll have a ton more friends by the end of the year.

The teachers are all pretty nice. Not too strict, but yet they can be a little bit. In my Composition class this week, our teacher failed the whole class on the same paper, and so now we all have to redo them. Super frustrated.

Last weekend was really nice, since it was a four-day weekend due to the MEA teacher conference. Weekends are usually meant for homework in my life.

Happy because we have tomorrow off, and I barely have any homework! I'll probably finish it all tomorrow, so I can have a fun weekend! (which is jam-packed by the way)

No locker troubles anymore. (Thank you Lord!) My "locker buddy" is an 8th grader and we tend to shut each others lockers just for fun. lol don't worry neither of us have been late to any classes yet.

The lunches are usually ok, or completely "BLAH". haha but I'm not a picky eater at all. I can tell most of my friends are. :)

Science, Language, and Composition have probably been the most fun this week... Yes it usually changes weekly! Don't judge me, it's probably the same for you.

OK I'M DONE NOW. lol I'll stop boring you to death. :) Here's a quote for the day!


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