April 5, 2012

Going Back in Black & White

Going Back in Black & White

This week I am doing my best friend Beka! 

Those who stop by here often or have been following for a while, know that I mention Beka a lot!! We've known each other for a really long time, went to church together for a while, and then we started hanging out again in 2010 after they started coming to the church we moved to.

She's really pretty, smart (whether she thinks so or not), not afraid to speak her mind, and loves little kids.

She's a Christian, and lets God guide her everyday. She loves going to youth group & church and we have so much fun when we're there. We're at church a lot, and volunteer to do a lot of things there. This summer, her, my sister Erin, and I will be going to a youth conference for a week! We're so excited!

I've made so many memories with her, we've had the craziest nights, the weirdest moments, said the most awkward things, had the dumbest arguments, and we'll always be best friends!


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