April 13, 2012

Random | Taking a Break

I know I've been quiet and thought that I'd stop by quickly.

A couple day ago I wrote another post for my series "Going Back in Black & White".

Other than that, I haven't posted much in the last 2 weeks.

So I'll just give you a quick random post, and then it's time for me to take a break from the blogging world.


School has been keeping me especially busy - With writing & math final projects, archery gym classes, GRAD testing, and a whole secondary softball game coming up. I still need to order a yearbook and finish some other things up this weekend. Whew! Can't wait until this next week is over...

My family is doing great! Easter was very good, and we loved celebrating the resurrection of our KING! Although I will update you with another family picture soon, this one didn't work out too well. The sun was not being our friend that day. :)

Notice the squinty eyes... 

Youth group is going good, and most of us were able to volunteer at the Easter breakfast this past weekend. We're also busy fundraising for upcoming events and conferences this summer. Can't wait to do a post on that soon.

Well there you have a post about my life in a nutshell. I might be back in a week, and I might be back in a month. This is the first blogging break that I've actually ever taken, so we'll see how it goes.

Talk to you all soon!


Beka said...

I'm so with you on talking a break I'm taking a break too!

Michlyn said...

Haha ikr? I just have nothing to post about! My life is ALL school right now, and I'm so sick of it.

I'm proud of myself because I finished my homework yesterday, and I only have 2 project things to finish up this week. :)

See yah soon,

Beka said...

Haha yeah and all I do is babysit' but I will
Start posting again in abweek or two! Good job!