November 8, 2012

Sweet?? ...16

Hey everyone... I turned 16 yesterday.

Oh my goodness gracious. I am getting old. :)

You know everyone looks forward to their sweet 16 right?

Well I definitely was! Going to school to celebrate with friends, and dress up.

The thing is...this...

Yep. I got sick. Like sleep on the couch, your whole body aches, I just want to be healthy again sick.

On my birthday. Just fantastic.

So this was pretty much my "sweet" 16.

(p.s. thanks mom for putting this on facebook. haha at least I was drooling and you could barely see my sick & make-up less face. :) )

There were a few things that made my day brighter and happier, but those will come tomorrow when I'm not so lazy. It's my 3rd day home from school this week. :( I love school...most of the time. Just not the homework and the wake up early part of it.

I could use some prayers! Thank you - now it's off to bed again.


Betsy C. said...

So sorry Michlyn!! I feel so bad for you. Being sick is the pitts:(:( Praying for ya

Brittany said...

Oh no! So sorry Michlyn! There is nothing worse than being sick on your birthday:( Feel better soon!