November 12, 2012

The Positives

This is a very late post.

But I thought I'd share some of the happy things that happened  for my birthday.

The weekend before, I got to get together with my 2 favorite cousins, grandparents, and my sister.

It was so fun and very much needed time spent with family that are close in age, and with grandparents that like to hear funny stories and ask questions about life. :)

On my birthday, as you know I was sick, but my sister did go to school and had a few things for me.

One of my friends got me chocolates and a card. Another friend bought me flowers and a coffee.

My big sister (not really - but she seems like it) brought me a gift card and a letter.

My best friend got me a Zac Efron card, a lanyard (for my keys when I get my license), and a scarf.

The weekend after, I went shopping with my sister, my best friend, and my mom. I scored on some awesome boots and a new purse!

So it really was a fantastic birthday! I am blessed.



Brooke said...

Aww I am so glad it went well!
You are so cool, and I love you and your blog.=]]
Now how about that photo shoot?!

Brittany said...

Happy birthday!!!