February 17, 2013


Make a video - it's fun, easy and free!

As promised my new smile! 6 year journey... :)



Sierra said...

Great video!!!!! I've haven't had a full mouth but I had some on my bottom teeth when I was 10 or 9. The colors were cool and all but they sure hurt sometimes! You have a beautiful smile :D Sierra
Keep growing beautiful!

Hannah said...

Wow... 6 years is a long time! I've had braces for almost 4 years now, and I thought that was bad! How many years total did you end up wearing braces? (I only just watched this video now because I couldn't watch it on my iphone :P) Why did you have to have a second set on after you had already had them off? :)

Hannah said...

Hey Michlyn!
Saw your comment in my blog and thanks for replying to me :) Fingers crossed I'll hopefully get mine off soon too!
Your smile is so beautiful :)