February 6, 2013

The Truth About Flirting

I thought this might be kind of a funny post to do, because as a teenage girl - I'm pretty familiar with flirting.

Of course I'm not saying I do this allll the time or I have guys falling at my feet. I do go to a public school and our classes are not segregated.

So here are some things that I notice with flirting:

#1 - Let me ask you a normal question. 
This is something I notice probably the most. A certain person might see you and then you start having a conversation. They'll start with asking you a basic question. "Hey what did we do in math today?" Then you answer the question and all of a sudden you're talking about your dreams when you graduate college, as you laugh and "they gaze into your eyes."

#2 - I'm going to be really sarcastic.
Something that I usually see the most in "couples" is sarcasm. Yes that might sound really boring or dumb, because sarcasm can be incredibly rude if you're not just joking with your friends and saying sarcastic things. "Did you finish the science project that was due today?" "No, I shredded into a million pieces and used it as confetti." And then they laugh and laugh and laugh.....

#3 - I whip my hair back and forth.
I personally usually do this with my {girl}friends because it's entertaining to mock girls who actually do this. A girl will stand there and flip her hair with her hand as she brags about how amazing the other person is...and how much she just loves playing football....*cough* when really he's just the star player on the school's team.

#4 - Call me maybe.
Ahh yes the familiar song by Carly Rae Jepsen. Fun at first & now....just no. Oh the pickup lines I have heard recently. Want their number? Think they're cute? Something like this might run along the lines of I'm going to say this cheesy pick up line and hope you think I'm drop dead amazing. "I was reading the book of Numbers last night and realized I didn't have yours." Singing the chorus of 'Call Me Maybe'. "Hey do you have a map, because I just got lost in your eyes."

#5 - SWAG.
Seen the boys with their pants under their butt, but yet are still wearing a belt? Big hoodies and "skater boy hair"? Flat brimmed hats and funky sunglasses? Yeah, some think that is what you call "swag". Apparently our society has become so confused that if someone isn't wearing the coolest clothes, then BOOM they're as ugly as your mom's old floral curtains.

To be completely honest, I've probably done at least two of these. And we must remember to think of the little things that count and that an outside appearance is not the whole package. :)


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Sierra said...

Great post :) I really liked it. Those pick-up lines you mentioned totally made me laugh :) I may have used #2 once...but I think I prefer to stay friends :) Plus I'm super awkward with guys :P Sierra
Keep growing beautiful!