March 25, 2013

Instagram Monday

snow & the sunrise

homework homework homework

finally seeing the sun again :)

favorite caribou cooler

missing volleyball lately

winter wonderland

keepin' up on my devotions

this is what my bedroom currently looks like x10 because of my crazy directioner sister

chillin' in my camo and listening to some music...spring break


more snow prettiness

went a little country :)

oh how I hate mondays... still smiling



Brooke said...

i just {love} instagram pictures! your country outfit?! omw. ah-dor-able! ahh we got so much snow, and we still had school.:( so if i was on twitter, my hashtag right now would be #badattitude.:p

Michlyn said...

Aww thanks Brooke! I actually loved my "country outfit" but that was on a day off...maybe be bold and wear it to school? :)

Do you have a twitter? I'm debating on getting one; not so sure though because I'm thinking facebook is all the drama I can handle now adays especially with going to *ahem* high school too.

love yah girl!