March 26, 2013

Let's Talk About Teachers

Ahh 'teachers' most of us a very familiar word.

I go to a pretty small school that is grades K-12. So it's an everybody knows everybody kind of place.

All the teachers know the students, even if they aren't in any of their classes. It's crazy.

We had Spring break about 2 weeks ago and ever since, it seems like the teachers have been a little...mmm...frustrating. Such as...

"Oh the teenagers just got off break, let's assign 498 worksheets, 212 projects, and a speech all due by Friday."
(Ok this dramatic but it's seriously how I feel.)

"Spanish class: *another student is answering a questions [in Spanish]* Oh you weren't listening let's see if you know what she said"
(Umm I enjoy my day dreaming thank you very much...obviously I'm not going to know what she said. urgh)

"Let's FINALLY put all the grades in the grade book after a whole month of being a slacker, put a few missing assignments there and viola!"
(Now pardon my rudeness buuuuut...If I completed all of the chapter's assignments and you say they're missing, well then it's your fault.)

So that was my casual vent on teachers. I really do appreciate my teachers, but some days...


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