June 7, 2013

Watch What You're Sayin'

You look within the small crack of your bedroom door, down the hall, and into the kitchen where you hear their voices.

Arguing. Mad. Yelling. Then you hear those words they tell you not to say. The extra bad words.

But they're setting that example for you. And now you're 17 yelling those words back at them because they won't let you go to a party. And you just run back into that same room you were in those nights you heard them fighting.

So instead what are you going to do? Change? Fix it? Because you know they regret that decision for you to hear those words. You don't want your teachers, your grandparents, your mentors, or your God to hear those words anymore.

You set the example. The example that may or may not have been set for you in the past. Be the one who can show others what to say.

Whether they are swear words, mean words, rude words pointed to others, or hurtful words. Don't say them.

Say the kind words, encouraging words, thoughtful words, and good words to lift other people up.

Because I know the more you don't say bad words, the more it becomes a habit. And then you forget them. Sort of. You know that they are there but you choose to no longer spit them from your mouth. Because you made the decision to not say them.

Watch what you're sayin'. Make sure you would want to hear your own words spoken to you, before you say them.


1 comment:

S.W. said...

Very nice post, Michlyn. Words have power..and it's so important what we choose to say (or not say).