March 5, 2014

Annndd it's March

Hey all you crazy blog followers! I feel so sad to have abandoned my little space of the internet for so long but I have quite enjoyed my absence and also needed a little break to focus more on life. A lot has happened in the past month and I'm so excited to get back to journaling it all right here again!

I've already got some posts in drafts and thoughts and words running through my head. So to get back into the swing of things, I thought I'd do an instagram catch up! I haven't done one since Christmas time and when I was looking back at the old posts I was just kind of realizing that it is officially MARCH 2014. What!?

Time goes by crazy fast. So fast that it's ridiculous that things, and life, and worries, and people can all change in this amount of time.
Christmas Eve 2013// Sunday evening enjoying my caribou// black&white silly pics while babysitting
Me & my gorgeous best friend Brynn// Snowaze 2014// Late night run to Target// Brynn & I at Snowdaze
FINALLY read the book Divergent - Amazing// Selfie// Crazy pics with the little bro during the Superbowl
Matching with my beautiful momma// Black&white selfie// Took the plunge and read TFIOS - Speechless// My little bro once again!

Thanks for bearing with me during my blogging break! Would love for you to comment to see how everyone has been doing!


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