March 20, 2014

Back into Shape

Do you ever go through a phase where you're the laziest person ever? Yes? Ok good because I didn't want to be the only one. If you said no then props to you...

So I play volleyball only for the fall season which is about August-October because playing for other teams in the spring and winter in my area is crazy expensive. When I play during the fall, it's obviously not a very long time but during that time I get to hang out with my best friends, get fit, and play a sport I love. Once the season is over everything just kind of goes downhill. (I'm going to be super sad because it's my senior year next year and my last season playing high school volleyball)

You might have recalled when I made a 'workout plan' for myself and called it the "August Challenge" last summer. That went surprisingly well for me and I did post about it and got really awesome and supportive feedback so thank you to everyone. (Since then I've taken that post down for now, but it might go back up later)

Well now I'm getting back into shape since I was pretty lazy and ate more food than I probably should have over the winter. The snow is finally melting and the snowbanks that were taller than me, I can finally see over again. :) So hopefully I can start running again very soon.

This time though...My mom is doing it with me! So I'm super excited about that and we've already completed our first week of getting back into shape. It's just going to be a 30 day workout and we hope that we'll see a difference by Easter which is April 20th this year.

I've been doing my "research" and I'm glad my mom and I are in this together. :)


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