July 27, 2014

Challenge 2014

This year, my sister Erin and I went on a trip with our youth group to Kansas City, Missouri for a week. It was amazing, life changing, stretching, and moving. I loved every bit of the trip and seeing how God used everybody to do His work and to reach others about his love and mercy.

5,300 + teenagers
1,000 + leaders / youth pastors
39 states + singapore & austraila
7 fantastic speakers
2 incredible bands
vans, buses, and planes

...and we all came together to serve our amazing Jesus, learn about his restoration, reach the community of Kansas City, worship Him with our praise, and come together as the body of Christ to His work. I can't begin to describe this trip to you...It was a "had to be there experience". We did service work like painting houses, picking up trash, and landscaping. We met new people from different states and exchanged jokes about accents from Minnesota, Nebraska, and Texas. :) It was an unforgettable trip because it involves unique opportunities that you can only experience at the Challenge Conference. It's an unbelievable time.

So instead of me continuing to blabber on about it, here's some pictures for you to look at and see if you can gather why you must get yourself to a Challenge conference before you graduate high school. The next one is in Louisville, Kentucky in July of 2016 so make sure you talk to your youth pastor and get you & your youth group there. You won't regret it.

Service projects, playing card games, late night girl talk in our hotel rooms, j-walking because we're too impatient for crosswalk lights, worshiping Jesus with an Irish band, learning new songs with a band from our home state (MN proud), taking too many pictures, swimming, doing prayer walks around the city in 102F heat, meeting new friends, tweeting #ChallengeKC 5 times a day, long bus ride memories, growing more in my faith, and learning more about my restoration in Christ...would not even sum up Challenge but it's close enough. :)

Our youth group also stopped at Adventure Land in Des Moines, Iowa for some amusement park fun after a crazy week and it was awesome!

We serve one amazing God and I'm so excited to travel to Louisville in 2016 as Challenge staff!

Live the story. Tell the story.


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Emma said...

I love conferences like this! It sounds like you had an amazing time! Also it's funny you mention Adventure Land because I'll be going there tomorrow! :)