September 18, 2014

Liar, Liar

Oh boy, where do I begin? :) I always say "I'm coming back guys, don't worry" "I'm going to start blogging more again". Haha well if those aren't lies then I don't know what is.

My life is always busy, there's no doubt about it. Friends, family, church, volleyball, school, work...The list goes on and on. Thought I'd do a little catch up on my life since I've got some actual free time today!

School - This year I started my first year of college classes. I'm doing PSEO (Post Secondary Education Option) through my high school. Which means I'm still in high school but I'm also getting free college credits at the same time. My sister did PSEO with me this year and we have a lot of friends from school doing the same thing, so it's been really fun and a little more flexible. I'm also a senior in high school, which means I'm making the most of everything I can. :) Senior trip, school dances, sports games, etc...It's been a blast so far!

Work - I only work weekends because I have school and play a sport as well. So once volleyball is over, I'll get back to working more and making a little more $$$. I love my job and everyone I work with is really nice and fun. Really blessed to have an opportunity to work there :)

Volleyball - I am one of the captains on our varsity volleyball team this year. I have the pleasure of sharing the "title" of captain with 2 other really great girls and our small varsity team of 11 girls always knows how to make me so so proud in all that they do! They always make me laugh on my worst days and we're like one big group of sisters. :) I'm sad that it's my last season with these girls, but I know God has great plans for all of us in the future.

Summer went by way too fast and senior year is in full swing as we're already at Homecoming Weekend! I'll be posting some catch up posts on summer and scheduling some posts on my life currently, so get ready for those. Thank you to everyone who still stops by and reads about my life and leaves sweet comments. You guys keep me going!


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