January 8, 2015


Looking back on my list from 2014, I checked off a few more of my goals that I completed. It felt great to accomplish things I never thought I would. I didn't complete everything from my list but I'm very proud of what I did.

--Get a job ✓

----Buy a DSLR camera

--Go on a road trip ✓

----Try 5 new things from Pinterest 

--Learn how to crochet or knit

----Reach 75 followers

--Donate my hair

----Have my senior pictures taken ✓

--Break the bad habit of biting my nails ✓

----Attend at least one youth conference ✓

--Pray for a new person everyday for a month

----Go an entire week without checking social media

--Finish my devotional book

----Make it into the PSEO program at school (aka college classes) ✓

Here is my list of 14 things I wanted to complete in 2014. Although I didn't finish everything, I'm glad I decided to set goals for myself - It gives me motivation to do even more in the future.

I haven't decided on any final goals for 2015 but if I decide to make new goals, I'll make sure I post them here for you guys to see.

What about you? Do you have any new goals or resolutions for 2015?


Brittany said...

Hi Michlyn!

Thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog! It made my day!

I will continue to pray for your family. We serve an amazing God, and He will always see us through.
Anything in specific I can pray for you about?

Have an awesome day!

Tashia said...

Neat list!
I hope you can get a DSLR camera! :)
What things did you try on Pinterest? I'd like to hear about them!