January 3, 2015

Looking Back on 2 0 1 4

2014 was such a great year! Looking back I learned many lessons, gained new skills, experienced joy & heartbreak, accomplished my goals, and planned new adventures.

One thing I've noticed about 2014 is that everyone around me, hated it. Friends, family, strangers, people on social media - just about everyone. They post things saying "2014 was supposed to be the best year of my life, but it was the worst." Or say "Goodness I'm glad that's over, here's to 2015." I find it sad that looking back on a full year - 365 complete days, that people find it collectively awful. So sad.

I'm thankful for the entire year - good & bad. For what I learned and what I'll learn in the coming year. Whether you look at the glass half empty or half full, is your choice. Even if you're looking back at 2014 or looking ahead at 2015. Stay positive, there's a lot out there in the world to experience. You won't always experience good but you also won't always experience bad.

Here's my year in 2014.

In January, my school hosted our annual Snowdaze dance, and that was a blast! Me & my entire group of friends are counting the days until this year's dance! And sadly for us seniors, it will be our last Snowdaze altogether.

In February, I took my annual blogging break  and took time for myself to reflect on my life and the chaotic busyness of it all. 

In March, the first day of spring came & that included getting myself back into shape before summer.

In April, I got my first job, got a prom date, and stayed busy with school & managing the boys' varsity basketball team at my school.

In May, my friends and I took way too many pictures, walked across the stage at grand march, and danced the night away at our junior prom

In June, I posted my first Summer Instagram post and showed you pictures of my life.

In July & August, I was staying busy with all the summer activities; volleyball captains practices, getting my senior pictures taken, and being with my family. I also did a little post on my adorable brothers and reflected on the great time my youth group & I had down in Kansas City doing missions work and attending a youth conference.

In September, I did a post early in my volleyball season and talked about my team and how much we were progressing. Also, I re-winded through summer with Instagram and said how much I would miss the freedom before I started my first semester as a PSEO college student.

In October, I was in my second month of college classes, in the middle of my volleyball season, and Fall was right around the corner. When the days get cooler and the nights get longer, that only means one thing - Homecoming. I attended my last homecoming dance and became homecoming queen for my fantastic senior class.

In November & December, I finished my last season of high school volleyball and recapped my senior season. Then, a couple weeks later I turned 18 and got accepted into my #1 college. 

2 0 1 4 has been a blast! Full of memories - things I'll always remember and things I want to forget. Life is extraordinary and everyone has their own journey. I'm excited of what 2014 gave me and looking forward to the journey ahead in 2015.

Thanks for following along!
xoxo, Michlyn

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