April 28, 2015

endless grace.

You guys! I have some exciting news!

My incredibly beautiful (inside and out) friend Brooklyn just began blogging again. She tends to make people smile, take incredible pictures, laugh continuously, be wise beyond her years, and give all the glory to our incredible God.

Go check out her blog endless grace and leave a comment telling her how awesome she is and check out her photography!

I thank Jesus that he gives me the opportunity to write, meet new people through blogging, and then calling them some of the sweetest friends I know. This blogging world is such a fun and blessed environment.


1 comment:

Brooklyn Stutzman said...

Aww,you are way too kind and sweet, Mich!! Thank you so much -- I can honestly say this made my day. :)


P.S. Have you heard? Kennedy, you, and I are meeting up this year because Brenelyn is forever. ;)