May 4, 2015

Prom 2015 {Senior Year}

On May 2nd, 2015 I went to my senior prom! My last high school dance ever...

I'm so thankful that I got to go with my best friend as my date and all of my favorite people got to spend the night together dancing, laughing, and making so many memories. We enjoyed every single part of the day/night and made it as fun as could be.

My sister, Erin, and I got our hair done at 10:00am and then finished our makeup and made it home in time to get in our dresses and put on our jewelry before my date showed up and it was time to go.

One part that does get sort of exhausting are all of the pictures that we take before we actually head to prom. Thankfully everyone was pretty patient and we had some very nice photographers & parents ready to capture the moments.

Pictures went from about 2-4:30pm with all of the driving to different locations and meeting up with different friends. Finally, at 5:00pm we all jumped in our super awesome cars (just kidding - nothing too extravagant) and headed to the river boat where our prom would be held from 6-11pm.

I had an absolute blast with some of my best friends! Time passed way too fast on prom night but we all enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards we all followed each other back to our friends' house and ate more food and eventually crashed on the couch before the guys left.

Senior year has been full of so many incredible opportunities and sweet memories that I will never forget. I'm so looking forward to graduating with my amazing senior class in just 18 days, and then enjoying the summer before we all go our separate ways. Here's to the best prom I could of imagined!


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Brooklyn Stutzman said...

ah. i'm sorry, but i can't even form a coherent thought?

you are LOVELY. xoxo.