May 28, 2015


Recently, I've been encountered with the question "Are you happy?". And to be honest, this year was a growing year for me in my strength, maturity, and faith. Nine months ago, the beginning of my senior year, I didn't feel happy. I was stressed, disappointed, lost. Everyone else around me had their lives and plans put together and smiles on their faces.

It felt like I was getting over difficulties in my life and I had no one to turn to. But I kept a smile on my face and went through the motions. I prayed to God to "just make me happy". I quickly learned that He couldn't just "fix" my problems. It takes positive changes and efforts to gain what you want to achieve.

If something makes you unhappy, you have to know what needs to change. Sometimes it takes weeks and sometimes months. Happiness is something everyone wants. If something makes you radiate joy and the people in your life are witnesses, then keep it. Other peoples' opinions often shouldn't matter but when they're people that love and influence you, listen to them.

I'm so thankful for a Savior that loves me unconditionally and is there when it feels like no one else is. He lifts me out of the trenches and back onto the right path. Today, I can honestly answer that question with a positive "yes!".

Do what makes you happy.

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Brooklyn Stutzman said...

Oops, I am the worst at keeping up with blogs, which is tragic because this is a fantastic post! So true, Mich. Do what makes you happy and don't worry about the rest! \\ thanks for inspiring me :)