July 22, 2015

Moments That Make Me Smile

When my family is all together and gets to eat endless amounts of food, jump in the lake, and sit by a fire at night.

Laying in the sun while my nanny girls splash in the pool with their friends and talk about Taylor Swift.

Hearing my favorite song on the radio and turning it all the way up with my windows down.

When I fall asleep and he kisses my cheek and lays quietly next to me.

Working at the store really late but my awesome coworkers and I all go out to eat afterwards.

Getting packages in the mail.

Meeting future roommates at a coffee shop and getting to know each other before move in day.

Spending the day with extended family that I love so much but don't get to see often enough and eating our way through the conversations.

Planning ideas and necessities for dorm life.


Going for a bike ride around the neighborhood, looking back and seeing him smile back at me.

Beach days with my best friends and gossiping about our lives and forgetting about reality on the other side of the sand.

Painting my toes and wearing new shoes to show them off.

Telling him how nervous I am for the future, and then he kisses me to forget about it for just a moment.

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