September 13, 2015

College Life

The last 3 1/2 weeks have flown by so incredibly fast.

All the nerves, anxiousness, and worries are gone. Replaced with new friends, joy, and college adventures. Let's rewind just a little bit...

Family selfie after the truck was loaded up

On August 18th, I moved into my college dorm and started orientation.
The next day, August 19th, at 5:30am I woke up to tryout for the varsity volleyball team. I didn't make the team but it was so fun to meet the girls and get to be on the court again.
Then on August 21st my roommates moved in! They have the same name (Brooke) and so we now go by nicknames based on our last names. We get along so well and we're already really close. That same day my boyfriend (Derek) also moved into his dorm and it's such a blessing to have him on the same campus!
From the 21st-25th, we had constant freshman orientation activities. Met with our orientation leaders, our entire orientation group of 20+ people. We did volunteer work in the community, played "name games", went to chapel together, and had so many informational sessions I thought my head was going to explode.

Goodbye pictures with my brothers

Move in day with Derek :)

Me and "the Brookes" (roommates)

Despite how exhausting and full our days were, it was a lot of fun and my roommates and I got to know our group really well! Classes started on August 26th, and we're just about to go into our 4th week of classes! Time flies so fast and it's insane that I've almost been here for an entire month. Lots of work. Lots of fun. Lots of memories.

First day of school selfie - I only did this for my mom because it's tradition :)

I've even gotten to go back home a couple times to see my younger siblings play soccer, and visit with some friends. Last week, Derek and I went back to our high school to watch my old volleyball teammates play their second home game! It was so fun to see them again and one of my best friends from high school came and watched with us too!
Erin and her best friend came to watch UNW's first football game!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their time back to school! I'll write again as soon as I have enough time :)



Brooklyn Stutzman said...

Hey, hey, just a little note to say that I love you, you're strikingly beautiful, and I'm happy everything is going so well.

Let's meet soon, k?


Michlyn said...

Hey love!

Thanks so much for your sweet comment! When I got the notification in my email it made my whole day. It also made me realize how much I miss blogging. (or how much I've been slacking at it lately)

Yes let's meet soon!