October 30, 2015

Beka {Senior 2016}

Some of you will probably remember Beka - We've known each other since we were toddlers, became inseparable best friends through middle school/ high school, and then life got crazy and I went to college. In my early years of blogging, you'll find many posts about us and our adventures.

She's a senior in high school this year and she asked me to take her senior pictures since we used to do photoshoots all. the. time. So I borrowed a camera, picked a weekend I was home, and spent 4+ hours shooting. It was a blast! So here's a little preview...

I loved accompanying her to all the places she had in mind, going to lunch, tagging along with her horse 'Joey', and overall she just made my job super easy. She's very photogenic and her gorgeous, natural red hair looked perfect the entire shoot. Even through some rain and changing clothes it stayed perfect. Thank you Beka for a fun day and I hope you have the best senior year ever!


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Brooklyn Stutzman said...

Prettyyyy pictures, Michlyn! I'm sure your friend will love these...she's so pretty, and I love her shoulder tattoo!
You shot for four HOURS? You're a champ.