February 23, 2016

An Open Letter to my High School Best Friends

I recently read this post and thought why not write my own letter.
Because I'm gonna be honest. I. Miss. High. School. So. Much.

These girls were my everything. My support, my laughs, boy talk, pizza lovers, terrible dancers, and adventurers.
So here's to them and their beautiful futures.

The Laughs

Thank you for the endless laughs. The last minute sleepovers and girls nights. For helping me eat an entire pizza & cheesecake. For passing out on the couch because it was past 1am and we had just finished a dance party. For the "hot tub of truth" where we told our secrets and trusted each other to never tell anyone.


Freshman to Senior year - you girls are apart of my favorite memories. Color coordinating our dresses for Snowdaze. Taking pictures together before Prom. Dominating an entire lunch table Sophomore year because we didn't want to sit with anyone else. When we were the most athletic girls in gym class because we actually took the ridiculous "volleyball session" seriously. Always trying to sit next to each other in choir so we could actually learn the song correctly. Making signs for our friends and holding them up in the stands when they won their section title game.


Getting to go on my senior trip and enjoy every part of it with you by my side. Graduating high school with all of you in the auditorium with me. Learning how to drive and getting our first cars to carpool every where together. We made the varsity team together and played side by side on the court. Celebrating our birthdays, first jobs, first kisses. I'm thankful that I got to experience the best moments of my life with you girls.

What I Missed

Sorry I wasn't there for you when you broke up with your boyfriend. Sorry we only hung out once over the summer because we were "too busy". I'm sorry I missed your last high school basketball game. I wish I was there when you found out you got into your dream college. I wish I could have punched the guy that broke your heart. I wish I hadn't missed so much.

For the Future

So. To your beautiful journeys ahead. I wish you the best. I hope you can reach a 4.0 gpa. I hope you find new friends that make your heart happy and make you laugh. I hope you're never afraid to hold back and to fight for what you believe in. I wish you the best 4 years in college; I know you'll do great, just like you did in high school. Drink lots of coffee, buy lots of clothes, go on as many adventures as you can. I know you'll achieve great things.

Dedicated to the girls that stood by me in everything. My life wouldn't have been as exciting or fulfilling without all of you as my sidekicks.


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