March 28, 2016

Hello March

Hey everybody. Happy March! I can't believe how fast time flies these days.

My life is full and chaotic. Wake up, work out, school, work. Repeat. 

I'm winding down my half freshman/half sophomore year of college. This summer I have state tests to take for school and a new nanny job lined up. In the fall, I'll start my second year here at UNW, and I also found some roommates!

It's crazy how far ahead you have to think when you grow up. But I'm so thankful for the support of my family, new friends, and boyfriend. No matter how much work a college degree is - I'm grateful for those around me who give encouragement and for our amazing God who knows every detail before I do.
Here are some of my favorite memories of 2016, so far.
date night with Derek // my cousin's wedding // babysitting & drinking coffee //
Valentine's Day roses // MN Wild hockey game // I BOUGHT A CAR // new shoes & ripped jeans //
hanging out with my little bro // Derek's birthday // scenery on campus // Driving home for the weekend // 
sunsets // my dog Hattie // Easter Sunday with my sisters

Hope all of my followers are doing well & that you have a fantastic week!


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