June 22, 2016

Life as it is

I've always heard the phrase "time flies" and within the last year of my life I fully believe it does. Our lives are nothing but time...Sometimes when you have a long shift at work, the time feels slow or when you're having fun with your friends, you forget about the time and soon enough 5 hours has passed. What we choose to do with our time is all up to us.

In the last few months (!!!!) that I've been absent from my blog - my life has changed and I've been shaping my decisions around my future. Nothing huge or exciting has happened, but through time, people and different elements of life tend to shift. Through these changes, I'm focused more on myself, my education, and what God wants me to do for His kingdom. So I thought I'd journal what I've been up to lately and give you a glimpse of my busy life.

This Summer, I'm working 3 jobs and trying to fit in some fun things too. I'm just trying to keep busy and put some money away before college starts again in the Fall. I nanny 3 days a week, drive to the cities and work at my university one day a week, and also have a retail job on days that I can fit in an extra shift.

Once August comes, my "big sister", Josi, will be moving out and headed across the world for an international teaching job. We're so proud of her and know she will excel at everything she does. Then a couple weeks later, my sister, Erin, will also move out and head south, 3 hours from home, for her first year of college. And finally, a week after her, I will head back to UNW for my Sophomore/Junior year of college. Such a crazy busy time for our family, but we know that God will be faithful through all of those transitions.

Here are some pictures of my summer so far!

Do you see a common theme? Pictures of me & my sister? Yeah that's because we're dreading the fall when we go our separate ways, so every chance we get, we go do something fun!

Otherwise, I'm spending time with friends, going to a million grad parties every weekend, and hanging out with my family & our dogs.

Just taking in life as it is & all the time I've been given. I'll be back soon.


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