March 31, 2016

It's a Girl!

**this post is 2 months old because baby girl was born in January**

I had the privilege of being there for my childhood best friend, when her baby girl came into the world. My best friend, Meg, went to the hospital around 11am with her momma. I finished class, packed, and got to the hospital around 2pm. By 9pm she asked for an epidural and kept dilating normally. (but slowly) Nurses and doctors checked on her every 2 hours throughout the night, while her mom rested in the recliner, and I slept on the couch.

By 5am her brothers, dad, and baby's dad were back. We ate some food, Meg kept breathing through contractions, and the doctor came to check her at 7am. She said that baby should make an appearance by 1pm.

At 10:30am Meg kept feeling more and more pressure. Her nurse came in, checked her one last time to confirm she was finally dilated to 10, and said she could start pushing. Her mom, me, and the future dad her the only ones in the room. She started pushing before 11am, but after 2 hours, the doctor came in and said that baby was in the same spot.

They wheeled her back to perform a c-section, with her momma by her side. At 1:58pm, McKinley Darlene came into the world.

Finally after recovery, her family & friends got to go in and meet baby McKinley!

It's funny how we all have our own plans, but sometimes God's plan is different. No matter how much time passed with no progress, or how uncomfortable Meg got, or that baby girl just did not want to come out. He is faithful. And we were thankful that McKinley was healthy and stubborn. ;)


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