November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Three days ago I turned 15! :)

It was a blast! I wore a birthday sash to school, and got so many wishes for my birthday! I felt so blessed with so many great friends and family!

On Saturday I got to go shopping with my sister Erin, and my mom! We had a blast! Spent the whole day out together!

On Sunday I went to church then I headed with my grandma to pick up my cousin Anna for a lunch and shopping date! We had a blast hanging out! It's crazy trying to get us together! Anna and I only about 13 months apart lead very busy lives! :)

Monday was my actual birthday, and it was probably one of the best birthdays ever! Even at school...

That night I started Drivers Ed. It was so much fun! I've survived four days of it so far. That night one of my most amazing babysitters was there, and we got soup, cake, and ice cream! :) (don't worry she doesn't babysit me anymore)

I got 2 new coats! One from my grandma and one from my mom and dad! And... GUESS WHAT?! I got 4 NEW PAIRS OF SHOES!

More pictures to come!

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