November 1, 2011

Weekend Fun

This weekend was a blast! Had so much fun with my friends. :)

On Friday night, my sister Erin and I got to go to an event for our youth group! We got to play Infiltration and have a bonfire. We played it at a tree farm so it was a lot of fun running around and trying to sneak in items that we found from around the farm!

Can't wait for another fun event! It was a blast hanging out with everybody and I'm sure they all had a blast too. I told you our youth pastor is awesome!

On Saturday Erin and I headed to a halloween party! It was at her friend's house but there was 8th through 11th graders there! Had so much fun! We listened to music, we hung out, laughed, threw stuff at each other, ate a lot of candy, played truth or dare, and took a very crowded  ride in the back of a truck. :)

Over 10 of us teenagers (8th and 9th graders) climbed into the back of her dad's pick up truck and took a ride on a few trails behind their house. Wasn't the most comfortable thing ever, but it was still pretty fun.

Sunday was church and youth group! Since I started going to youth group on Sunday nights instead of Wednesday nights, the last one was probably my favorite one so far! Our youth pastor's message was great and then we all hung out in the gym. Some of us quickly made 2 teams and then we played kickball!

Can't wait until this weekend! Going to be hanging out on Thursday with a few friends after our Powder Puff game, and then a few things going on from Friday - Saturday! Then Sunday is youth group again..yay!

Have a good night everyone!

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