September 15, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

My good friend Brooke did this yesterday - Even though she did it on Friday, I thought I could still do it on a Saturday. :)

Awkward ---

So I'm in Language class (English - whatever it's called) and we're having this discussion. We've been talking about notes, lectures, and discussions all week long. Then, finally our teacher says "Ok we're going to have a class discussion on the notes we took about water conservation. Oh and I want to hear everyone say something." Me in my mind: "What?! I don't want to say something, I have to wait for the perfect timing to say something." We eventually start the conversation, and lots of people are saying things - funny and actually smart things too. There are 4 topics that we're talking about, and we get to the 3rd one. A couple of my friends in class: "Michlyn!! Go for it! Just make something up." Me in my mind: "Oh crap, what the heck am I going to say? Just stall as long as possible." Anyway, I finally have to say something - What I planned on saying: "Water conservation is really important. We should really pay attention to the shortages that could happen in the future. The people who wrote these papers study water, and we never really do - so it doesn't seem as important to us." What I actually said: "Well it's good to um.. to pay attention to water shortages... and we like...we don't want that to happen... but like we um... we don't really know... or um... well we don't study it...and idk it's just...yeah." SMOOTH Michlyn real nice future you got in public speaking.

Awesome ---

  • Pretty much all my homework is simple.
  • Got to babysit all day with my sister Erin, and had a lot of fun 
  • School has been weirdly crazy and fun - Even though some days I could fall asleep on my desk for the whole hour, as the rest of my group talks about shoes, sports, and other off-topic things.
  • Volleyball has been sooo great, and I'm loving it.
  • My family is incredible and I just love them!
  • Instagram is becoming a common thing for me -- uh oh another addiction! :)
  • I'm excited to do an upcoming Fall photo shoot with my best friend!!
  • I've regularly been keeping up on my devotions, and it's been so great to read what's in God's word for us every single day!
Well that is my awkward and awesome Saturday! 
Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!


Hannah said...

Awesome post!

Mary said...

I love this post! And myy...the awkwardness! Totally sounds like how I would respond in English class! Haha!