September 23, 2012

My Best Friends Brithday

Soooooooo there is a birthday today.

And it just so happens to be MY BEST FRIEND'S!

Beka is 15 years old today! Whooaa - she's getting old. just kidding :)

Because that means I'm getting old too.

Happy Birthday Beka! I'm so glad God gave me a friend that is so understanding, helpful, spirited, and funny! You're not afraid to be who you are! 


Hannah said...

Fun! Best friend's birthdays are always the best! :)

Emma Mcclelland said...

Happy Birthday to your BFF! :) My Best Friend and I have gone shopping the past three years, it's become a tradition!

Megan said...

Good friends are the best!! I love the BFF/sister quote...hilarious!:)