September 29, 2012

Random Bloginess.

Bloginess? That's a word right?

Well we had a 5 day school week. (usually we don't have school on Fridays - Awesome. I know)

Exhausting. For me anyway.

Had a few really long nights.

With volleyball practice. Watching JV games. Homework. And other stuff.

My life is crazy hectic.

Anyway, onto actual bloggy stuff. :)

I went and entered another photo challenge. Click here to enter yourself. Alexandrea is pretty amazing and takes breathtaking pictures! Check her blog out!

I was reading my good friend Brittany's blog. I was searching and scrolling and then I stopped. I saw a beautiful picture she took and just had to share it.
It's beautiful right?!Go tell her so right here!

Another bloggy friend, Brooke, wrote a beautiful post the other day. It was all about being yourself, and making sure your blog expresses who are. You don't want to blog just to impress your readers... It has all sorts of amazing in it... so if you're a blogger... you should really go read it. Good perspectives.

One of my favorite bloggers, with a fantastic blog, (if I do say so myself) is having a Fall Photo Contest. Emma from Rescue the Orphaned is having it on her blog now until October 5th.

Go check it out and enter if you want to!

Finally, I was awarded by Emma for the...

(Sorry but I really do not feel like doing all of the questions right now. Sooo THANK YOU very much for awarding me! It makes me feel so special that people really enjoy my blog!!)

That's it for now! Have a fabulous Saturday everybody!


Emelie Claire said...

Oh my Goodness! Your blog is so cute! And you are gorgeous! I am definitely following you! Here is the link to my blog. (;

Emelie Claire

Brittany said...

Thanks so much, Michlyn! This just made my day!

Alexandrea Brewer said...

Awh! Thank you so much for entering and saying what you did! I adore your blog! SO MUCH! Its adorable!
I have yet another challenge going on and the theme is (your best shot!) I hope you might enter!

Jenna Condon said...

im following ur blog come follow mine