August 10, 2013

At the Moment

I've been a little busy with being a crew leader at VBS, working, scrolling pinterest, volleyball, and sucking every great moment until summer is over. :(

So I thought I would update until I have my next photoshoot or event.

1. Wearing - sweats & a t-shirt

2. Eating - crackers

3. Listening to - True Love by Pink

4. Drinking - Water

5. Needing - to get one more good tan before school starts

6. Feeling - Sore & tired but I'm happy :)

7. Thinking of - my friends that I miss so much & can't wait to see again!

8. Weather - Cool & partly sunny

9. Doing - Relaxing all day until I have to babysit late tonight

10. Wanting - to get somethings checked off my to-do list

11. Enjoying - How busy I've been! Want to pack in as many things as possible for the rest of the summer!

Have you been busy this summer? Anyone else dreading school?


Emily Beth said...

I've been missing your posts!:) but I'm glad your staying busy, that's the best way to be! I love having my summers jam packed, but I hate how fast time goes! I can't believe it's August!!! I swear it was just barely May!

Kennedy said...

OOooh... this was such a fun post to read. And yes. I am dreading school for sure.

Michlyn said...

@Emily Beth - The time went by way too fast. I've been trying to blog as much as possible :) School is crazy already.

@Kennedy - I love these posts because they're simple, yet so fun at the same time. Trust me...the first week just finished and I'm already wishing for summer again.