August 7, 2013

Inspiring the Cute (1)

I'm linking up with Sierra from Keep Growing Beautiful today! I really think her blog is adorable & these are some of my favorite posts that I look forward to each week.

If you want to link up too or share some love for Sierra - hop on over to her blog!



Emily Beth said...

this is such a fun idea! i love it!

Sierra B. said...

I am sooooo happy you linked up Michlyn! It made my day :)))) I was awwwwwing throughout the entire thing. Definitely cute! Thanks for linking up! xoxox, Sierra

Kennedy Dukes said...

Pretty little things in life. :) What a fun idea!

Brooke Utterback said...

Just found your blog through Sierra's and I love it :) These pics are soooo cute!

Michlyn said...

Thanks girls! It was really fun and I'll definitely be linking up again! Sierra is the best at these posts.