October 5, 2013

Hi it's Me Again

I saw the picture above on a design website and thought it perfectly described my blogging life. I miss how frequently I used to blog...I miss reading all the comments I got from all my wonderful followers. You could probably go back a few posts and read how busy my life is right now. I'm trying to cherish every moment until it passes, but it's hard and chaotic.

I'm so happy Fall has arrived! It's my favorite season and I just love it. I'm not going to get all cheesy and saw how it's time for cuddling, bonfires, hot chocolate, and scarves...because maybe it is but I don't want to tell you something that everyone else says. It's gets pretty mainstream.

The weather, the scenery, the outfits, and crispness of the air...That's what I love about Fall. How I can still enjoy time outside with friends in just a sweatshirt, or a bonfire with my family, or do a fun photoshoot without freezing. I can't wait to catch up with all of you, and hopefully bring you some pictures next time...I'll be back soon. :)


1 comment:

Hannah said...

Heeeyyy! Good to see you again. :)